Blockchain for Government and the Public Sector

Government and public domain enterprises around the globe are understanding the power of blockchain technology in helping them move away from legacy architectures and introducing agile technologies offering more secured solutions.

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The Need for Blockchain in Government and the Public Sector

Blockchain technology has tremendous potential to enhance the productivty of the governments and public sectors. The modern day challenges demand a more improved ecosystem for agencies with greater performance, transparency, accountability and cost minimization. Blockchain would act as a tremendous game changer for the government and semi government agencies.

The Governments across the world are fast realizing that blockchain has the capacity to lay the foundation of a modern 21st century society which offers an architecture with maximum flexibility, security for high performance government functions. Blockchain driven government agencies offer a promising solution to the citizens of the country

Generating the trust factor with the Citizens

Securing Vital Data & Information

Minimizing Cost & Enhancing Efficiency

Minimizing the chances of corruption

Blockchain in Government

The below map shows that there are a minimum of 202 government blockchain initiatives in atleast 45 countries globally

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Potential Verticals for Government Applications in Blockchain

Of these 202 cases, several key use cases are beginning to emerge.

Top 10 Types of Blockchain Projects
Rank Type of project (count)
1 Strategy/Research (42)
2 Identity (Credentials/Licenses/Attestations) (25)
3 Personal Records (Health, Financial, etc.) (25)
4 Economic Development (24)
5 Financial Services/Market Infrastructure (20)
6 Land Title Registry (19)
7 Digital Currency (Central Bank Issued) (18)
8 Benefits/Entitlements (13)
9 Compliance/Reporting (12)
10 Research/Standards (12)

Government Case Studies

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