Blockchain Application in IoT

HashCash provides an embedded solution for IoT to secure devices with blockchain-based immutable identity and reputation tracking. The goal is to bring back trust and security to IoT.

Here is why blockchain is a game changer for IoT

Leveraging blockchain for your IoT data offers new ways to automate business processes among your partners without setting up a complex infrastructure.
Identity Validation

Device identity is recorded and validated on an immutable ledger

Device Reputation

Reputation is calculated and recorded based on monitored transactions


Enables transactions between validated devices, regardless of manufacturer

Build Trust

Build trust between parties and devices, stronger working relationship with your partner

Data protection

Reduce risk of collusion and tampering.

Reduce Cost

Reduce cost by removing overhead associated with middlemen and intermediaries

Accelerate Transaction

Reduce settlement time from days to near instantaneous

HashCash IoT Solution

Blockchain IoT Solutions

HashCash blockchain solution for IoT includes-

Identity Registration of devices

Validate and activate those devices

Reputation registration

Token creation

Token-based Identity & Reputation

Commercial Transactions and Data Exchange

HashCash Internet of Things
HashCash provides a universal trust environment to enable billions of IoT devices to have trusted interoperability for data and commerce.

HashCash registers the identity and reputation of devices on a blockchain-based immutable ledger. Hashcash accomplishes this by working with device manufacturers and other stakeholders facilitating an ecosystem of participants designed to maintain decentralized consensus for device identity and reputation. Combining on-chain and off-chain resources, and built on the Ethereum blockchain, HashCash’s architecture is extensible by developers across IoT verticals (for example, industrial IoT, healthcare,and smart cities) to help secure the vast realm of IoT devices ranging from healthcare and home automation systems, to smart-city infrastructure, to industrial sensors and controllers.

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