Reshaping the Global Diamond Supply chain with Traceability and Consortium Lending

Consortium Members

Over 250 Diamond supply chain players are today part of this consortium and the number is growing

Key Challenges in Diamond Industry

  • Lack of traceability leading to difficulty is assessing originality, valuation and certification of Diamonds
  • Unethical sourcing of Diamonds leading to human rights violation such as child labor and blood diamonds
  • Lack of availability and high cost of capital for Diamond merchants

Inclusive of Miner to Jewelers

  • Ensuring the traceability of diamonds
  • Faster and efficient payment system
  • Unified market place for all consortium members
  • Trade security for consortium members
  • Maintaining trade privacy to secure trade sensitive information

Idea Behind Diamond Consortium?

  • Global diamond industry worth 80 Billion USD
  • Reduce prevailing fraudulence using safe and secure blockchain network
  • Connecting all parts of industry through a safe network to create a healthy and regulated market place
  • All the consortium participants can trade internally and have access to a huge consumer platform through a unified market place backed by blockchain technology
  • An enormous marketing tool connecting every member of consortium to the global market

Consortium Approved Line of Credit

  • The members of the Consortium are eligible for obtaining a line credit once approve by the consortium
  • The ratings would be mapped with through high end technical and financial algorithms that would help the consortium in approving the line of credit to its members
  • Before issuing the line of credit to the specific Consortium member, digital assets would be secured from the individual seeking line of credit

Ethical Standards

  • Any single user or a particular organization will not own or supervise the blockchain network
  • It's an open system with an independent governance structure that represents the interests of all participants

Innovation is Change That Unlocks New Value

  • HC NET allows advanced smart contracts for Diamond Traceability
  • HashCash consortium lending solutions use Blockchain technology to eliminate multiparty reconciliation
  • HashCash Payment solutions can process 1 million payment transactions concurrently

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