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DevOps Services – Applied Knowledge to Drive Customer Excellence

Hashcash DevOps focuses on collaboration, automation, integration, and communication, thus, ensuring prompt delivery by erasing bottlenecks in software development. Innovative solutions are empowered by reduction in time and swiftly bringing ground breaking competencies through procurement of proper responses. As a DevOps consulting partner, we ensure close collaboration between the operations team and the engineering teams. Our consultants help in enhancing your IT processes, and build trust in the software solution. As a skilled DevOps service provider, we focus on a culture which enhances the entire software setup to complete collaboration and integration.

HashCash DevOps Consulting Services

HashCash Benefits of DevOps Approach

Benefits of the DevOps Approach

  • Eliminates Hindrances.
  • Increases innovation.
  • Reduces TAT.
  • Cost Reduction.
  • Enables convenient scalability.
  • Ensures high software quality with shorter development life cycle.

HashCash DevOps Offerings

We assist customers to launch themselves into the next frontier of Continuous Integration, Delivery, Deployment and DevOps Intelligence. Our services comprise of Release orchestration, Deployment automation, help customers with end-to-end Automation, Control, Monitoring and Insights needed to fast track software and products delivery.

How do we get involved?

HashCash DevOps Tool Stack Construction and Pilot Framework

DevOps Tool Stack Construction and Pilot Framework

  • Implement the standard DevOps setup by creating a pilot framework.
  • In each step of agile delivery, leverage and integrate your existing tools with our strong ecosystem of licensed and open source tools
HashCash DevOps End-to-End Implementation

DevOps End-to-End Implementation

  • Analyse, design, construct, automate and implement for each project.
  • Continuous planning, testing, deployment and monitoring to be done for each project
HashCash DevOps Managed Services

DevOps Managed Services

  • Enhance people skills, process, culture, tools, etc
  • Managing system reliability, security management, and 24/7 support
  • Helps in building infrastructure, tools and processes that empower you to develop, deliver and maintain operations
HashCash DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning

DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning

  • Quantify your model, assess the current state of DevOps culture, tool chain and process.
  • Create a roadmap for the desired state.
  • Recognize the accurate metric.

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