HC Remit

Blockchain powered cross border remittance platform used by Global Banks and the largest Currency Exchanges


Blockchain powered Remittance

  • Replace EOD recon with real time reconciliation of transactions
  • Eliminate SWIFT cost using free SWIFT like blockchain based messages which integrate seamlessly with your current infrastructure

HC Remit can be used to transact and record asset and currency movement across borders. It replaces traditional systems such as SWIFT and payment gateways with blockchain enabled platforms for cost effective, instantaneous and auditable remittance transactions.

HashCash HC Remit Benefits


  • Eliminate higher transaction cost arising from using SWIFT networks and Payment Gateways
  • Onboard new banks to your cross border network faster as opposed to traditional remittance systems
  • Automate critical business processes using Smart Contracts
  • Ad-hoc funding to reduce liquidity costs for Pre-funded accounts
  • Lower maintenance and recurring costs for your remittance system
  • Safe, secure and authentic transaction handling
HashCash HC Remit Features


  • Live tracking of transactions with all parties using the Remittance Dashboard
  • Monitor your funds and NOSTRO accounts through real time tracking
  • Cross currency Remittance
  • New banks can be easily on boarded to the network
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