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HashCash HC Remit
HC Remit

Blockchain powered cross border remittance platform in use by Global Banks and the largest Currency Exchanges

HC Corporate Payment

Blockchain powered corporate payment platform used for B2B payments

Crypto Exchange

The Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypto Payment

You accept Bitcoins, We accept the Risk. BillBitcoins is the most popular payment processor by HashCash

ICO Platform

The world's most trusted ICO service provider

Blockchain Digital Identity

HashCash is Presenting the Decentralized Approach to Identity Management


Enabling enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time using Blockchain technology


HCX is the Native Digital Asset on HC NET.

HCX moves money and conducts transactions around the world quickly and securely.

HashCash HC Remit
Hashcash (AI) Development

We aim to be the source of the best customized AI solutions for our clients and tailor our services to the specific of their business

HashCash HC Remit
IoT Development

HashCash Consultants offer high quality IoT technology development services to different industries

HashCash HC Remit
Big Data Solutions

Re-mould your business with the help of HashCash Big Data analytics services which leverages modern age data analytics techniques for traditional industries


Modernize your data landscape with accuracy and trust

Data Analytics


Enhanced software delivery

Dev Ops

Open source development and migration services

Open Source Dev


Providing the best in Infrastructure Migration and Management

Cloud Services


Revolutionize commerce with HashCash

Digital Commerce

Agile & scalable solution tailored for businesses

Web & App Development


Satoshi Angels

Investing in and mentoring the best seed startups in the area of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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Blockchain Education


Advanced Blockchain technology educational program, Join the future of technological innovation.

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