The evolution of manufacturing by leveraging cutting edge technology and implementation of advanced digital solutions for a complete sustainable transformation.

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The abrupt closure of production units around the world, leading to global economic fallout has been one of the worst aftermaths of the pandemic. Social distancing might have prevented the contagion but it has hit the manufacturing sector hard. With COVID-19 becoming a part of modern living and social distancing a norm of the post-pandemic world, enterprises are looking for ways to streamline production and distribution to fit the ‘new normal’ without compromising with productivity.

Since the virus is not going anywhere, it falls upon us to reshape, reimagine and reinvent scalable solutions and leverage advanced technologies so that production remains uninterrupted. Manufacturing continuity ensures that there is no hindrance to livelihoods along with a balanced supply and demand ratio.

HashCash Consultants aids enterprises and manufacturing units to streamline their processes through the integration of cutting-edge technology and digital solutions. Partnering with global leaders HashCash creates a sustainable ecosystem of production and supply, providing workers a safe environment to work in by upholding the social distancing protocols through smart automation.


The onslaught of COVID-19 has made it risky for a large number of people working together on the same platform. Social distancing on high-touch manufacturing assembles lines has added significant complications to the existing processes, leading to delay in product launches, minimal financial returns, product quality issues, hindrance of productivity which is ultimately harming the brand reputation.

Hashcash Solutions

This is the time to step up and transform the legacy systems and build new ones that are scalable and robust enough to answer to not only the ongoing crisis but also future calamities as well. HashCash becomes your partner in that digital transformation aiding you along the way with insight and services, envisioned to streamline your processes, make it safe and digitally strong.

Virtual Communication and Surveillance

Streamline the flow of communication from top-down by integrating the existing channels with virtual tools and devices. Virtual conference and meeting platforms within a scalable and integrated system for both inter and intra-communication involving CEOs, shareholders, vertical heads, employees, etc. Paperless connectivity across the manufacturing floor through mobile applications that keeps the staff updated on all the latest product information.

Minimize documentation with the automation of processes. Supervisors can check the real-time status of the work through connected machines remotely on dashboards and even live-feed through cameras. Any internal or external issue gets communicated through the integrated dashboard, along with alerts of possible or emerging problems.

Smart Automation

Minimizing human interaction and create low touch processes through smart automation integration and agile digitization. Use of AI, ML, and IoT to help automate redundant tasks and boost productivity while ensuring overall safety.

Data Management

Strengthen the data management infrastructure to ensure business continuity and build strategies. Use of AI, IoT, and other cutting-edge collaboration tools to make manufacturing digitally manageable.

Remote Asset Performance

Optimization of production efficacy to make the assets and production lines more agile augmented by data-driven support implemented by custom and standard KPIs. Access historical and real-time knowledge of the operations to standardize processes. Alert the staff to unplanned risks and variability to avoid operational errors increasing the throughput.

Remote Monitoring of Assets

design, sales strategy, and overall service quality to accelerate competitive advantage and boost brand reputation. All that becomes possible through system integration with advanced digital tools.

Agile Workforce

A robust digital infrastructure that allows the workforce to make better, more productive decisions and adapt to changes rapidly. Data-driven insight allows assessment of individual performance and establishes goals, empowering the operators to self-manage their practices, workflow, and identify the areas that need improvement. Improved collaboration with highly intuitive virtual communication tools creates a dynamic work ecosystem.

This is the right time to shift from product-based business models to a more service-based approach towards the manufacturing and supply of goods. HashCash Consultants offers enterprises with industry-specific analytics and automation solutions to digitally transform the operations and make it scalable enough to innovate novel services for customers by gaining a unique insight into consumer needs.

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