Creating agile work ecosystems that enable remote working through scalable and integrated digital solutions. HashCash builds the smart workplace of the post-COVID world.

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One of the biggest changes that COVID-19 has brought forth is the abrupt shift of the workspace from corporate buildings to living rooms. As lockdown forced companies to closed down their offices, operations continued through remote working, ushering the accelerated evolution of global work culture.

Work from home might not be a novel concept but until COVID, most of the companies treated it as a ‘special circumstance only’ perk for employees. Now after months of working remotely and experiencing its advantages, companies have opened up to the concept of a fully functional remote workforce. The corporate is moving towards a milestone transformation, one which has already begun.

The pandemic has initiated many unprecedented changes. The push for change has made the world open up to better, more technologically advanced avenues to march ahead into a post-COVID future. HashCash becomes your partner in that change, aiding you with cutting-edge digital solutions that streamline the running of a remote corporate workforce.


Whether it is a modern open office or a cubicle layout, the personnel distancing is far from ideal for a world living under the threat of contagion. It brings too many people under one roof, posing the risk of the virus spread. So, even after lockdown, offices cannot resume full functionality with a 100% workforce, due to the prevalence of social distancing norms. With a fraction physically present in the offices, the majority is still working from home.

Minus the pandemic, companies have come to realize that work from home is highly beneficial as it generates efficiency, increases productivity, and saves inventory and establishment cost. Employees benefit from flexible working and money saved from commuting. We are looking at a future where remote working gradually becomes the ‘new normal’. Although poor connectivity and security issues have been some of the work distractions, all of that can be fixed by leveraging technology.

Hashcash Solutions

HashCash helps organizations create a robust ecosystem through the implementation of advanced digital and virtual communication tools for seamless communication between the employees and the management. From building the infrastructure of remote working to deploying scalable in-house applications to enhance the ease of work and operations, HashCash offers end-to-end smart office solutions.

Team Communication

Communication is key to team-work. Remote working can put a dent in that and affect productivity, provided you don’t have the right virtual communication tools. HashCash creates an agile team communication platform, equipped with several integrations like file sharing, chat options. It allows employees to communicate in groups or one-to-one. Why depend on third-party applications when you can have your customized version, that perfectly fits your specific needs?

Virtual Meetings and Presentations

Virtual meetings, video calls, and real-time online presentations are integral to work from home. There needs to be a robust architecture with fast connectivity, so that in-house meetings and client calls can be conducted without any disruptions. Experts at HashCash have years of industry experience, leveraging which they create scalable virtual communication applications with integrated tools for enhanced connectivity, ensuring zero disruptions.

Project Management

Keeping tabs on the development of an ongoing project made easy with an agile project management platform. HashCash offers an interactive interface that allows employees to not just update their work but also to communicate with the team leaders and others associated with a certain project.

Virtual HR

With offices shifting online, the rules of recruitment have changed as well. People are being hired from all over the world, and interviews are getting conducted online. HashCash with its integrated digital remote HR solutions makes it easy for the management to conduct interviews, disperse offer letters, complete online initiation of the new employees, and the complete onboarding process with efficiency. The entire human resource management happens online through a highly automated and agile platform.

All cutting-edge solutions provided by HashCash to enable remote working is powered by augmented security protocols to uphold the privacy of the communication between employees and the management. The implementation of advanced tech prevents any kind of breach into the system.

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