Real Estate Tokenization Platform

The real estate tokenization platform enables the process of digital asset creation, where the assets represent a specific property or portfolio of properties over a blockchain-based system.

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How does the Real Estate Tokenization Work?

Let’s say for example, that you want real estate tokenization of a 200,000 square ft property worth $80 million. Tokenizing the property will allow you to divide each square ft into shares. It means that a 200,000 square ft property will have 200,000 shares, and the value of each square ft will be $400. The shares thus created can be sold for a multiplied profit margin.

Executed over a real estate tokenization platform, this process also enables the disintegration of property ownership, exposing the investors, especially the ones with small capital to a plethora of real estate investment opportunities. Multiple investors can own $400 per square foot share.


Beautiful apartment in NewYork City, USA

95% Funded, Yearly return 12.45%


Duplex apartment in Palo Alto, CA

Funded, Raised 160075 USD

Coming soon

Luxury home in Paris, France

Staring soon, yearly return 10.75%

Categories of Real Estate Tokenization

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Commercial Real Estate Tokenization

The property ownership is tokenized with audited fractionalization logic that is compliant with all standards and regulations. It is executed over a scalable real estate tokenization platform.

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Residential Real Estate Tokenization

Residential real estate tokenization enables multiple investors to own a share of major properties across geographies, allowing them to earn capital gains and dividends from the same.

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Single Real Estate Tokenization

Through a real estate tokenization platform, one can tokenize their single real estate, reducing the liquidity premiums by 25%, while raising funds for various projects.

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Trophy Real Estate Tokenization

It allows one to liquidate their trophy asset through tokenization of the real estate while raising funds for various projects within a secured, compliant, and immutable ledger.

How to Digitize Real Estate?

Step 1:

Determine the specific property or properties to digitize

Step 2:

Determine the legal structure, like- Real estate fund, Project finance, REIT, SPV


Step 3:

Share holder right & investors type selection

Step 4:

Technology selection - Blockchain, Token definition, Globalized KYC/AML, Marketplace


Step 5:

Token creation & distribution

Benefits of Real Estate Tokenization

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High Volume Liquidity

Tokenizing properties through real estate tokenization platform induces high volume liquidity that enables one to buy and sell properties efficiently along with the quick conversion of real estate values into cash.

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Fractional Ownership

Tokenization of real estate allows one to have fractional ownership of a property enabling them to split the value of shares and ownership. This reduces the distress in terms of maintenance, taxation, and otherwise often faced by single owners of real estate.

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Property tokenization through real estate tokenization platform expands the business opportunities related to property ownership by transcending geographical barriers. It rakes in huge profits by enabling tokenized real estate trading around the world.

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Zero Third-party Intermediaries

Tokenization of real estate assets enables the users to conduct peer-to-peer transactions with zero involvement of any third-party intermediaries. Such a process reduces the extra costs and promotes risk-free real estate investments.

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Immutability of Blockchain

The blockchain integrated real estate tokenization platform offers immutability of transaction records making it tamper-proof or unalterable while protecting the user and asset information through enhanced privacy and security protocols.

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Efficient and Instant Transactions

Real estate tokenization reforms the usually lengthy process of property buying and selling by streamlining the transaction process making it peer-to-peer, quick, and efficient.

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