Aurora V19.0.0

API: Aurora

Most applications interact with the HC Net through Aurora , a RESTful HTTP API server. Aurora gives you a straightforward way to submit transactions, check accounts, and subscribe to events. Because it’s just HTTP, you can communicate with Aurora using your web browser, simple command line tools like cURL, or the HC Net SDK for your favorite programming language.

HCNet.org maintains JavaScript, Java, and Go-based SDKs for communicating with Aurora. There are also community-maintained SDKs for Ruby, Python, and C#.

What is Aurora?

Aurora is responsible for providing an HTTP API to data in the HCX network. It ingests and re-serves the data produced by the HCX network in a form that is easier to consume by the average application relative to the performance-oriented data representations used by HC Net Core.

http://aurora.hashcashconsultants.com for interacting with the public network

Why Run Aurora?

Running Aurora within your own infrastructure provides a number of benefits. You can:

  • Disable request rate limiting for guaranteed network access
  • Have full operational control without dependency on the Hcnet Development Foundation
  • Run multiple instances for redundancy and scalability
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