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HashCash Consultants support emerging startups/ enterprises in acquiring their target funds, by helping them launch their ICO, to be hosted on our platform.

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Trading and Liquidity

Several ICO crowd sales go on from three to eight weeks but our services continue even after the ICO crowd sales close. In addition to ICO services, HashCash runs a global exchange, PayBito, where you get the opportunity to list your ICO token through a due diligence coin listing process. HashCash is also the largest White label cryptocurrency exchange provider and sets up exchanges for many global enterprises. In addition to listing your ICO token on PayBito, you get the opportunity to list your token in 100+ exchanges that we have set up for our clients.

HashCash Security

Maximum Security

Being one of the renowned organizations in the development of Blockchain based Banking Applications, cryptocurrency exchange softwares and Payment processing applications, we understand the significance of integrating an advanced security system. We employ a layered 3-point architecture, port encapsulation, firewall protection, DDos mitigation and penetration testing for our applications including our ICO crowdfunding infrastructure.

HashCash Funding

Simplified Funding

The HashCash ICO system facilitates multi-currency funding, this can be either a hosted wallet or a crypto-trading exchange platform, from several exchange platforms globally. Unlike other ICOs, here participants are not required to download the complete Blockchain network along with a local wallet. This, in turn, restricts the market by excluding the less-tech-savvy investors

We assist companies with

HashCash Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • 1) Raise capital in crypto tokens quickly
  • 2) Prepare for Initial Coin Offering
  • 3) Create asset titles for asset backed cryptos
  • 4) Create crypto asset backed securities
  • 5) Launch your crypto asset in popular exchange in US and other geographies to gain instant traction and meaningful market capitalization
  • 6) Compliance, Regulatory and legal aspects
HashCash Cryptocurrency
  • 1) The ICO setup using our crypto asset issuance platform is fast, easy and secure.
  • 2) Set up your own Cryptocurrency
  • 3) Build your ICO Contract
  • 4) Design your bonus schema
  • 5) Decide your vesting schedule

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