All Assets

All Assets

This endpoint represents all assets. It will give you all the assets in the system along with various statistics about each.

Note: When running this in catchup_recent mode you will only get a subset of all the assets in the system. This is because we only register assets when they are encountered during ingestion.


GET /assets{?asset_code,asset_issuer,cursor,limit,order}


Name Notes Description Example
?asset_code optional, string, default null Code of the Asset to filter by USD
?asset_issuer optional, string, default null Issuer of the Asset to filter by GA2HGBJIJKI6O4XEM7CZWY5PS6GKSXL6D34ERAJYQSPYA6X6AI7HYW36
?cursor optional, any, default null A paging token, specifying where to start returning records from. 1
?order optional, string, default asc The order in which to return rows, “asc” or “desc”, ordered by asset_code then by asset_issuer. asc
?limit optional, number, default: 10 Maximum number of records to return. 200

If called normally this endpoint responds with a page of assets.

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