A successful operation will yield zero or more effects . These effects represent specific changes that occur in the ledger, but are not necessarily directly reflected in the ledger or history, as transactions and operations are.

Effect types

We can distinguish 6 effect groups:

  • Account effects
  • Signer effects
  • Trustline effects
  • Trading effects
  • Data effects
  • Misc effects

Account effects

Type Operation
Account Created create_account
Account Removed merge_account
Account Credited create_account, payment, path_payment, merge_account
Account Debited create_account, payment, path_payment, merge_account
Account Thresholds Updated set_options
Account Home Domain Updated set_options
Account Flags Updated set_options
Account Inflation Destination Updated set_options

Signer effects

Type Operation
Signer Created set_options
Signer Removed set_options
Signer Updated set_options

Trustline effects

Type Operation
Trustline Created change_trust
Trustline Removed change_trust
Trustline Updated change_trust, allow_trust
Trustline Authorized allow_trust
Trustline Deauthorized allow_trust

Trading effects

Type Operation
Offer Created manage_offer, create_passive_offer
Offer Removed manage_offer, create_passive_offer, path_payment
Offer Updated manage_offer, create_passive_offer, path_payment
Trade manage_offer, create_passive_offer, path_payment

Data effects

Type Operation
Data Created manage_Data
Data Removed manage_Data
Data Updated manage_Data

Misc effects

Type Operation
Sequence Bumped bump_sequence


Attributes depend on effect type.


Rel Example Relation
self /effects?order=asc\u0026limit=1
prev /effects?order=desc\u0026limit=1\u0026cursor=141733924865-1
next /effects?order=asc\u0026limit=1\u0026cursor=141733924865-1
operations /operations/141733924865 Operation that created the effect



"_embedded" : {

"records" : [


"_links" : {

"operation" : {

"href" : "/operations/141733924865"


"precedes" : {

"href" : "/effects?cursor=141733924865-1\u0026order=asc"


"succeeds" : {

"href" : "/effects?cursor=141733924865-1\u0026order=desc"




"paging_token" : "141733924865-1",

"starting_balance" : "10000000.0",

"type_i" : 0,

"type" : "account_created",




"_links" : {

"next" : {

"href" : "/effects?order=asc\u0026limit=1\u0026cursor=141733924865-1"


"prev" : {

"href" : "/effects?order=desc\u0026limit=1\u0026cursor=141733924865-1"


"self" : {

"href" : "/effects?order=asc\u0026limit=1\u0026cursor="





Resource Type Resource URI Template
All Effects Collection /effects
Operation Effects Collection /operations/:id/effects
Account Effects Collection /accounts/:account_id/effects
Ledger Effects Collection /ledgers/:ledger_id/effects
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