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Gaming is now more Exciting with HC Net Blockchain


Gamers were the early adopters of cryptocurrencies as they were already familiar with many in-game virtual currency models and saw the benefits of integrating cryptocurrency networks into the domain.

HashCash Blockchain Gaming Characters


  • Continuous and Parallel Gaming Universes
  • Using encrypted blockchain ledgers to store digital assets will guarantee safe storage of game items, permanently.
  • Items could be customized by players allowing them to re-create and trade upgraded assets with unique properties.
  • The ability to take micro-payments quickly, easily and affordably will give developers new ways to monetize their games.
  • Democratization using voting features will make the Gaming World a Better Place
  • Increasing the functional, economic & social value of Gaming Items
  • The public blockchain ledger will allow game developers to create rare virtual items, and prove their scarcity.
  • Decentralized payment gateways will allow users to make payments with a fraction of the fees that are currently paid to credit card companies.
  • Drastically reducing fraud and ending lost revenue





  • White label the time tested blockchain platform with the highest transactional throughput suitable for matching and exceeding existing gaming throughput on your platform
  • Own your blockchain platform and native digital asset
  • Avoid paying fees to public networks while working seamlessly and maintaining compatibility with them
  • Integrate your blockchain platform to your existing gaming platform through available APIs
  • Use your blockchain platform's native digital asset as a gaming token or Play chip across your gaming platform
  • The Blockchain ledger drives the immutability, trust and transaction capability between the gaming platforms, the gaming Exchange and the gaming Wallet. The blockchain network tracks the movement of the native gaming Tokens within the gaming ecosystem.
  • List your native digital asset or gaming token (a utility coin) on the most trusted US based HashCash exchange, PayBito and HashCash partner exchanges located around the world
HashCash Blockchain Gaming Payments



HashCash Blockchain Games With Blockchain

With the emergence and trend of VR, AR, A.I., and smart technology, the dependency on new gaming consoles are also emerging. Thus it becomes challenging for gamers to keep on upgrading their gaming consoles with match to the gaming specifications.

HashCash Games

Oversaturated Market for Gamers, Developers and the Content providers because of centralized ecosystem is hampering the functional, economical & social value of gaming industry.

HashCash Famous Games

Lack of incentives or disproportionate rewarding mechanism for gamers resulting in reduced engagement.

HashCash Online Video Games

Lack of accessibility for gamers due to lack of universal index or recommendation generator of games.


Setting up dedicated cloud infrastructure for gamers to experience boundless arena of games.

It will provide with the universal index of games that gamers would prefer to play. It will also minimize the overwhelmingly stressful thought of gamers over the gaming console or other hardware dependencies that reduces the level of gamer’s participation in the gaming platform.

  • HashCash assists in setting up the cloud infrastructure for Gaming Providers.
  • HashCash assists in setting up security configurations such as IAM, ports routing, IP Tracking, DDoS & Malware protection, Wallet Security using AES 256 & Md5 encryption standard & SSL Configuration.
HashCash Decentralised Gaming Ecosystem

Setting up of Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem for Gamers to participate

  • Assisting in setting up blockchain network in line with HC NET
  • Assisting in setting up blockchain network node. The blockchain core is compatible with other leading blockchain networks. Thus supporting other coins and ERC tokens to be easily integrated with the network.
  • Setting up the blockchain wallet
  • Setting up compliance server for managing KYC details.
  • Assisting up API layer for blockchain network to integrate with the gaming platform.
  • Creating Network performance dashboard for monitoring the performance of the blockchain nodes.
  • Creating blockchain IO for monitoring the transactions ledger.
HashCash Gaming System Architecture
HashCash Gaming Token

Create / Integrate your Gaming Token

  • Create the native digital asset on the blockchain or integrate your created ERC token on the network
  • Create root account or integrate the contract’s owner account with the blockchain wallet
  • Flush root accounts with initial number of coins / tokens in wallet
  • Exposing API’s for Sending and Receiving Coin / Token


  • Integrating the web-wallet with the blockchain wallet for coin distribution
  • Creating Referrals and Promotional programs for ICO distribution
  • Assisting in dissemination of coins / tokens to ICO participants
  • Assisting in listing of coins / tokens in leading & affiliate exchanges
HashCash Mytoken

Gaming Exchange & Integration with Gaming Platform

HashCash White Label Exchange
  • Setting up the white label gaming exchange
  • Pairing with base currency like Fiat (USD) or Crypto (BTC / ETH / Crypto of choice) for coin / token to trade.
  • Setting up features like Market, Limit, Stop Orders, Margin for placing orders and increasing the volume of trade.
  • Setting up of Admin Console to manage gamers, developers and other stakeholders
  • Setting up Multiple Access Control levels for Admin console
  • Setting up Admin Panel for managing & creating trading pairs
  • Setting up incentives and reward modules for gamers.
  • Exposing exchange API’s for integrating with the Gaming Platform
HashCash Blockchain Gaming Robots


  • Simple, Secure and Fun to use
  • Trustworthy mechanism for storing and moving funds
  • Support for ICO
  • Manage transaction costs using Admin Console
  • Support for cold wallet, hot wallet and hardware wallet integration with multi-signature security
  • Compatible with ERC tokens and other blockchain coin integration
  • Customized module for gaming payment options
  • Support for customized KYC and IAM to honor regulatory norms of
  • Dedicated infrastructure for supporting 99.9% uptime
  • Manage transaction costs using Admin Console
  • Exchange margin features enabled for higher transaction
  • Well defined access controls to manage funds
  • Full functionality accessible from smart devices
  • Support for coin / token dissemination to ICO participants
  • Easy to integrate with third party exchanges for liquidity management
  • Support for third party wallet integration
  • Support for single Sign-In for Exchange, Admin console and gaming interfaces
  • Customized module for incentives and reward mechanism
  • Support for high value concurrent transaction
  • Customized Reporting for detailed user information’s, transaction details, promotional details and network details
  • Integrated security measures such as AES 256 & Md5 encryption support, DDoS & Malware protection, Firewall, Port Management, IP Tracking & Auditing enabled, BIP 32, Firebase & SegWit
  • Support for both Fiat and Crypto base to trade

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