HashCash Traceability Solutions Implemented by a Major Pharma Company to Track Hemp & Cannabis Supply Chain

Key Challenges

  • Compliance required by corporate buyers
  • Poor seed-to-sale tracking
  • Lack of transparency
  • Fraud and counterfeiting

Blockchain Integrated Solutions

  • Improve record keeping: Blockchain records are immutable and harder to hack
  • Provide seed-to-sale tracking – a common requirement among growers and retailers in legal U.S. marijuana markets
  • Help marijuana companies obtain loans from financiers
  • Storing the Genotypes of different Cannabis Strains

Innovate with HashCash

  • HashCash solution uses Blockchain technology which eliminates the need to do reconciliation
  • HashCash solution is used by 100+ clients globally including banks, FIs, companies in supply chain, manufacturing, gaming, Enterprises and Government verticals
  • HashCash solution can handle 1 million payment transactions concurrently

Lowered Operations Cost

  • Improved transparency and compliance helped expand the market reach
  • Reduced multi party reconciliation costs
  • Lowered rate of fraud and counterfeit - lesser spending on fraud prevention measures
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Reduced administrative errors related to processing

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