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Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Solution

Central Bank digital currency refers to a digital type of Central Bank money. It happens to be a legal tender developed and supported by a central bank that highlights a claim against the central bank. It does not represent a claim against payment service providers or a commercial bank. As per recent studies conducted by the bank for international settlements, higher than 70% of organizations actively happen to be developing and researching proofs of concepts for CBDCs. You like three aspects that articulate a central bank digital currency.

Digital Assets

Central Bank digital currencies happen to be digital assets and they remain accounted for within a digital ledger that serves to be a particular source of truth.

Central Bank-backed

CBDC highlights claims against the Central Bank similar to banknotes.

Central Bank Controlled

The supply of Central bank digital currency is entirely determined and controlled by the bank itself.

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Solution Provider

HashCash comes with a rich history as a fintech solution provider and worked with the best global banks. HashCash's CBDC mission is - developing an efficient and open and closer financial services ecosystem banking financial inclusion, thereby enabling the society for real-time and cashless financial transactions.

  • Specialized in development research and implementation of Central Bank digital currency.
  • Worked with Global Central banks to build the solution since 2015.
  • Continues providing thought leadership on design policy and motivation issues, thereby driving the adoption of CBDC.
  • Leverages consultative and collaborative approach.

CBDC and Blockchain Payment Case Studies

Hashcash has partnered with leading institutions around the globe to launch CDBCs that improve financial access, expedite settlement, and increase transaction security.

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Hashcash offers the most secure, scalable, and easy-to-use platforms for launching enterprise blockchain solutions. Our infrastructure and application-layer products help you easily integrate blockchain into your software stack and manage digital assets so you can implement a successful CBDC at scale.

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