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HashCash Cloud Solution

Prioritization of businesses by customers of every industry has led to an increase in demand for hosted solutions.

Offer an integrated service by incorporating HashCash solutions based on a private or public cloud, and enhance it with your own intellectual property. Open up new avenues for revenue generation by providing managed cloud, outsourcing, and other hosting services to a large customer base.

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License and offer cloud and traditional on-premise HashCash solutions through your own private or public cloud on a subscription basis.

Make the benefits of a cloud consumption model accessible, including pay-as-you-go economics, low total cost of ownership, rapid time-to-value, scalability, and flexibility along with HashCash solutions that are fully-managed and best suited for enterprises. You can utilize an operating-expense consumption model to support the growing demand for cloud solutions.

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HashCash Partner Managed
HashCash Big Data for Industries

Certification of your services provides the confidence customers that outsource the management and operations of HashCash solutions need.

The outsourcing and operation partner certifications provided by us helps customers identify service providers that meet their quality, scope, and geography requirements. These certifications also provide the endorsement that customers seek to be able to rely on a HashCash partner to manage their HashCash solutions and HashCash software environments in the cloud or on-premise.

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A HashCash partner can access the unique benefits offered by us through our award-winning HashCash PartnerPro program.

We incentivize potential partners with our Value Points system on your total business contribution. This includes competency, performance, and strategic alignment on key solutions. The benefits increase as one advances through our program. Other engagement models can be added to extend businesses into associated areas of design, development, and support.

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HashCash Big Data Services
HashCash Big Data for Industries

Combining HashCash solutions with the expertise of our partners we create strategies and services to help customers operate their business better, faster, and simpler enterprise-wide.

Make the best of one of the largest opportunities of partnerships right now by adding your own expertise, services, and intellectual property to our solutions. HashCash partners will have the exclusivity to sell and service some HashCash SME Solutions, and with our co-innovation programs, you can now give your ideas a fully-certified and market-ready shape.

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The HashCash Partner Program gives you industry-leading solutions and flexibility to build a business that works best for you. Our specially designed tools help you build, operate, and expand a successful and profitable Hashcash business.

Hashcash PartnerPro gives you access to an array of tools and resources to maximize your partnership, give your staff broader experience, and stay ahead of the competition by marketing your solutions and services better. Learn our proven sales methodologies and tactics to rapidly convert prospects into customers

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HashCash Big Data Services

Become part of a global community and build relationships, insights, tools, resources, and programs that create an amazing experience for your customers

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