Commercial Lending

Changing the complexion of commercial lending in a competitive ecosystem

Delivering A Unique Commercial Lending Experience for our Financial Partners

At HashCash, we expedite our client’s business processes with cutting edge digital technology. Our unique approach towards our clients have helped us become a force to reckon with; especially considering our success in partnering with firms from Latin America, Middle East and Europe. Our custom financial software suites are custom made to ensure that our financial partners achieve ROI optimization by aligning their core business model with their demand curve.

With HashCash’s commercial lending solutions, you can ensure a seamless customer experience across all dimensions of your commercial lending business. Our unique delivery model allows you to conduct business with amazing transparency and speed. With cutting edge scalability and accuracy, we integrate complex financial ecosystems with added agility, flexibility, transparency and speed.

We have covered the 361st Degree! How ready is your business to embrace out of the box digitization?

We have covered 360 degrees. Thus we thought of going beyond the allotted circle! In plain terms of marketing, we offer what no one else can do. Our Omni-Channel solutions cover every aspect of your financial business! We cover the entire spectrum with

  • Customer inquiry management
  • Customer Data Processing
  • Customer Eligibility Verification
  • Customer Product Disbursement
  • Customer Support and follow up
  • Customer Retention

HashCash is all about managing your customers; irrespective of the nature of business.

Right from the individual needs of customers to catering your large enterprise clients; HashCash Financial packages are designed to help your financial business run smoothly across all paradigms.

Featured Products

HashCash Commercial Lending Suite
Commercial Lending Suite

The commercial lending suite is a unique transformational experience designed to help you maintain uniform customer satisfaction across the entire paradigm of customers. Today, our executive business financial suites help in quick financial processing resulting in quick credit disbursement and objective fulfillment. HashCash Commercial Lending Suite has helped several financial clients achieve a higher customer base within the span of a single financial year.

HashCash Commercial Loan Origination
Commercial Loan Origination

The commercial loan origination is a simple solution to a complex problem of commercial loan origination. This program is designed to streamline and simplify the commercial loan origination process. This program is completely dedicated to leverage the commercial credit lifecycle of large and medium scale financial corporations. Machine learning and AI have also been integrated within the framework of commercial loan facility.

A Blockchain Perspective

HashCash Consultants is a professional blockchain development company that has expedited several complex business challenges through turnkey solutions. A blockchain is a decentralized ledger that allows the participants to make entries but does not allow them the leverage to edit or tamper with them. In simple terms, blockchain is a secured hyper ledger that secures transactions, improves scalability, offers speed, and minimizes middlemen in the process. The banking and financial institutions have a lot to gain from blockchain especially with its capability to deliver exceptional efficiency to financial ecosystems.

Broader Perspective

Blockchain Based Solution

HashCash offers custom blockchain based solutions to financial clients to help them overcome the challenge associated with centralized architectures running the risk of single point failures. A decentralized architecture is the solution to some of the most common problems faced by financial organizations across the world.

How Blockchain helps the financial sector:

  • Transforming the ecosystem of trade and finance
  • Real time cross border settlements instead of days
  • Enhancing security for crypto currencies
  • Streamlining financial transactions
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and trust factor

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