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Next-generation Commodity Exchange Software Powered by HashCash Consultants

Welcome to the next generation of commodity management software tool. HashCash’s Commodity Exchange Software and high level analytics empowers companies that extract, process, trade, or consume commodities to make information driven decisions and take control over the growth of their business. With HashCash, the customers get data supported decision backup to better manage their position visibility, risk management, controls, and regulatory compliance - as a single platform. Everything is driven by a full suite of an all-inclusive world class data analytics tool.

World-class Commodity Exchange Software development by HashCash Consultants

The trading industry is gaining momentum and not going to stop throwing in new operational challenges. For the same reason, HashCash Consultants pays special attention to trading software development research and development. Today, people are more keen to trade themselves and need simple and lucid trading tools.

HashCash Consultants software company sis ready to help you in addressing these problems by means of empowering you with turnkey software solutions, custom made to your specific expectations. HashCash always believes in offering an agile approach towards helping the clients varied as startups to established companies looking for a global trading platform. Our development team will take care of the project based on the client’s budgetary or timeline related expectations. The project complexity and the structure of the software will determine the number of developers taken for the project. Turning to our company, which prioritizes on the managerial aspect of project documentation, you will never face the problem of knowledge transfer. In case there is such a need, we can always line up more developers on the projects to fit your timeline.

Are you looking for the best exchange software development team? You have reached the right place! Our team of software development experts will offer assistance on all stages of the project development. This includes consulting service, development, planning and implementation. If you have a strategy in place, it is time to develop it.

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HashCash AI Recommendation Engines
Crude Oil & Natural Gas

Improve visibility, risk management,compliance and profitability

HashCash AI Expert Classification Systems

Integrated software built for energy trading,scheduling, and more

HashCash AI Solution Image, Video & Text Analytics
Chemical Manufacturing

Increase portfolio visibility,risk management, compliance and feedstock procurement capabilities.

HashCash AI Conversational Tools
Metals & Mining

Gain total control across all aspects of trading operations, including settlement, credit, risk, and more.

HashCash AI Solution Image, Speech & Face Recognition

Simplify trade entry, streamline logistics, and improve tracking.

Why HashCash Consultants Commodity Exchange Software

Advanced Analytics

Configurable software within the core code to match your unique business processes

Market based business process best practise

Product/ component architecture

Stats on Futures & Commodities

Real Time Stock Data

Global Indexes & Currencies Overview

Placing trades on stock

Real-time alerts on changes

Analytics with infographics

System for KYC/Verification

Customer Management System

Document Management

3 point architecture

Firebase, firewall implementation

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