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Businesses are evaluating the legacy systems, seeking cost-effective ways to modernize them by infusing flexibility and next-generation processes that are defined by efficiency, speed, and robustness. The adoption of agile systems has enabled developers to streamline the deployment of custom applications, reducing the timeline from months to a few seconds. The efficacy is augmented by the addition of business integration and automation into the module. Worldwide organizations are implementing the agile approach to develop and deploy applications, making way for smart digital transformation, while keeping up with the constantly evolving global market and customer requirements

Application Development Services

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Customized Blockchain Applications

HashCash offers a diverse range of DLT and cryptocurrency products and services that can be integrated with the existing architecture to mitigate the security concerns and other shortcomings of the traditional financial processes.

next generation
Next-Generation Application Development

HashCash enables you to manage wide range of complex applications at a reduced cost powered by instant responses along with new requirements and functionality. The overall operational cost gets reduced substantially through the use of advanced next-generation application development models along with minimum defect counts.

Assessment of Microservices Affinity

HashCash’s Microservices Affinity assessment aids in quick identification of potential application for adoption of microservices. We help clients to refactor the traditional applications and systems so that all data and frequently used functions can be extracted through microservices and APIs. This enables easy and quick integration of your new application with the old system at a reduced cost.

lifecycle development
Complete Lifecycle Development

Our team of experts helps you with complete lifecycle development of the application starting from analysis, design, to implementation, testing and integration with the existing system. Each step is executed through coordination with your in-house IT professionals

application reformation
Application Reformation

Businesses need to keep evolving digitally through constant upgradation of their applications to enhance operational agility. It ultimately helps them to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in this competitive environment. Our team at HashCash implements proprietary tools and methodologies to evaluate application and identify the best approach for reforming by using novel channels of development and management.

enterprise application services
Enterprise Application Services

HashCash Consultants aids you by simplifying and accelerating the regular navigation of the application, enabling you to get more out of your significant investments in Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce and Workday. With our team of experts spearheading your Digital Reinvention initiatives, you perfect your marketing strategies by committing more resources, to the ultimate cause of market domination.

cloud application
Cloud Application Development

Customized cloud application development can transform your business and reform it through scalable applications that can be built instantly. HashCash offers clients with end-to-end application development and management through cloud integration. Our cloud application development includes API and microservices, testing capabilities, and DevOps, all of which are integrated at every stage of application development cycle.

system integration
System Integration Services

HashCash’s system integration solutions is driven by years of technology expertise and cross-industry experience. Powered by enhanced functionalities and scalability of new platforms such as virtual servers and cloud integration, all our solutions are adapted for next-generation technology requirements.

intelligent automation
Intelligent Automation Services

HashCash helps you to improve the efficacy of your business solutions and enhance productivity through intelligent automation services like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), virtual agents and natural language processing.

Advantages of HashCash’s Custom Application Development

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Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Operational Cost

Use of advanced automation tools, targeted security protocols and cognitive assets allows you to efficient, secured and intelligent application development management with a significantly low TCO.

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Enhanced Flexibility with Improved Customer Experience

Empower your legacy systems and improve scalability with modern custom application integration for a digitized future of your business

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Speed and Growth Deliverance

Streamline your application development by leveraging advanced innovative solutions to reduce operational and maintenance costs for a digital reinvention that drives consistent growth.

Our Partners

HashCash Consultants forms partnerships and strategic alliances with global organizations to expand the offerings and provide comprehensive and advanced solutions to clients. A robust partner network comprising of the world’s leading organizations allows us to cater to all your business and IT needs with latest technological solutions.


We work with Avanade and Microsoft to create comprehensive innovative solutions with Microsoft Technologies.


Leverage our intelligence and digital services to unlock the potential of your SAP application.


Our partnership with Oracle allows us to help you with scalable innovations by leveraging the Oracle solutions lifecycle.


We are a Premier Consulting Partner for AWS, AWS Managed Services Partner, AWS Channel Reseller, AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) Partner and AWS Marketplace Reseller.


Aided by our years of industry knowledge and technical expertise we help businesses to achieve maximum value through their Salesforce portfolio.


We help businesses in deployment of custom Workday solutions that enhance finance and human capital management and reform it into an information powerhouse.

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