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Network Overview

Using the HC Net, you can build mobile wallets, banking tools, smart devices that pay for themselves, and just about anything else you can dream up involving payments! Even though HC Net is a complex distributed system, working with it doesn’t need to be complicated.

HashCash Network Core

Network Backbone: HC Net Core

Behind the scenes, every Aurora server connects to HC Net Core, the backbone of the HC Net. The HC Net Core software does the hard work of validating and agreeing with other instances of Core on the status of every transaction through the Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA). The HC Net itself is a collection of connected HC Net Cores run by various individuals and entities around the world. Some instances have a Aurora server you can communicate with, while others exist only to add reliability to the overall network.

You might want to host your own instance of HC Net Core in order to submit transactions without depending on a third party, have more control over who to trust, or simply to help make the HC Net more reliable and robust for others.

Big Picture: The HC Net

The HC Net is a worldwide collection of HC Net Cores, each maintained by different people and organizations. The distributed nature of the network makes it reliable and safe. All these HC Net Cores—the network of nodes—eventually agree on sets of transactions. Each transaction on the network costs a small fee: 100 Jots (0.00001 HCX). This fee helps prevent bad actors from spamming the network. To help you test your tools and applications, HCNet.org operates a small test network and Aurora instance. Get started with the testnet.

HashCash HC Net


Real time settlement

HCX settles payments in 2-4 seconds in 1000+ node environment

0Sec 15Sec 30Sec 45Sec 1Min 4 Seconds
1Min 10Min 18Min 24Min 30Min 8 minutes
15Min 30Min 1Hour 1.5Hour 2Hour 1+ hours
Hyperledger Fabric
No data available in multinode production environment
No data available in multinode production environment
Sawtooth Lake
No data available in multinode production environment
Traditional Settlements
Day 2Days 4Days 6Days 1Week 2-5 days


HCX can handle 3000 concurrent transactions (transactions per second) and 100+ million transactions a day. At 75,000 transactions per second, the network scalability exceeded the throughput of current payment networks such as Visa, in a test environment, with the implementation of SegWit.


3000 TPS


15 TPS


3-7 TPS

HashCash HC Remit

HC Remit

Blockchain powered cross border remittance platform in use by Global Banks and the largest Currency Exchanges

HashCash HC Corporate Payment

HC Corporate Payment

Blockchain powered corporate payment platforms used for B2B payments

HashCash HC Market Maker

HC Market Maker

Blockchain powered Forex and Digital Asset Trading platform

HashCash HC Commerce

HC Commerce

Blockchain powered Payment processing platform

HashCash Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange

HashCash Consultants provides white label cryptocurrency exchange software

HashCash Launch Your ICO

Launch Your ICO

Launch Your Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with HashCash ICO Stage

HashCash Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

White Label Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

Wide Acceptance

HC Products are used by Global Banks, Currency Exchanges, Payment Service Providers, Corporate Houses and E-commerce Merchants.

HC NET for Banks


HC NET for currency exchange

Currency Exchange



HC NET for corporate houses

Corporate houses


E-commerce Merchants

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