Exchange Affiliate

How it works

  • We provide you a cryptocurrency exchange interface under your company's brand name.
  • Your exchange order book will show all offers from PayBito, multiple global exchanges, and other PayBito affiliates.
  • You market the exchange and bring in customers.
  • Your customers can place offers that are matched either in your exchange or in the PayBito exchange ecosystem.
  • The offer maker and taker could be on different exchanges in the PayBito ecosystem. You could be the maker or the taker of an offer, your commission would be calculated as per the fees table below.
  • Your commissions are disbursed to you every month.
  • You can pull a report of your customers, fees, payment schedules and other details from your account's reporting module.
  • We handle your customers KYC/AML verification.
  • We host and manage the infrastructure on our cloud.
  • There is a refundable retainer of $5,000 at start.
  • Retainer is fully refunded when your earnings exceed $15,000.

Know the exchange

  • FEES


  • 0.1

  • FEES


  • 0.2

Affiliates earn 40% of maker taker fees paid monthly to them.

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