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What is FIX API?

FIX or Financial Information Exchange is an electronic trading protocol that is recognized internationally. A number of financial players like banks, exchanges, broker leaders etc. came together to develop this protocol. It has been created particularly for the real time transfer of sizeable amounts of financial data between market contributors. As a leading trade communication protocol, FIX is essential to multiple trading and order management systems.

The FIX API of PayBito is based on the FIX protocol 4.4, which is fast, steady and very secure. It allows you to receive market information, connect to the exchange platform and also place orders by using your own trading software.

Get a safe and secure environment for integration of any customized platform through HashCash, the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange. As individual traders you can enjoy the following benefits with FIX API
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Minimum Latency & 24/7 instant connectivity

FIX API is the best way to transfer massive amounts of financial data that also in a very short time. The operators involved need to follow strict rules of engagement, streamlining the data interpretation on both ends. This makes FIX messages short and to the point.

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Highly secure & safe

As a trader you can run the algorithms on your computers instead if a commercial platform, maintaining safety of the information.

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A single customized application for simultaneous connection with numerous channels

A possibility for traders to connect with a number of brokers at the same time using one customized interface/application in order to extend the chances of trading, as per their requirements.

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It allows the traders to develop algorithms by using programming language or the required tools for customized solutions. The broker can use HashCash FIX API to make an easy connection of the tools with the market.

Who will benefit from HashCash's FIX API

Institutional partners/investors

Crypto traders and corporations

Cryptccurrency exchange companies

Hedge funds and asset managers

Financial Brokers

Research companies

Rating agencies

HashCash supports the FIX protocol version 4.4. and offers FIX API exclusively to institutional traders.

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