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Forex or Foregin Exchange is also known as over the counter market since it is a place where an individual can trade (buy/sell) foreign currencies. Digitization has simplified the task of Forex trading. Forex Exchange Software simplifies the task for individuals who seek entry into the foreign exchange realm with good guidance and support. For investors, traders or institutes, speculating the next move becomes simpler and purchase and sales can be made accordingly. These software tools are more than a simple trading tool since they enable users in making mature decisions while cutting down the risks.

The Forex Exchange software is very valuable to each trader, investor or institute dealing in it. All updates from the markets are picked and given to the user to help him schedule his trade. They guide the user through the volatilities of the market and turn them into expert traders, investors or institutes. The Forex exchange software is capable of handling large volumes of data. They handle the data without any technical glitches. The Forex Software Development allows you to offer great services to your esteemed clientele.

HashCash Forex Software

Forex Trading Software Features

The aim is to offer efficient service, ease of use and security to the users. The software is developed with the goal of achieving perfection in every sphere which reflects in the results.

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We employ AI Technology, NLP, and Machine Learning to create dialogue systems, such as chatbots, which work as a contextually sensitive human-independent questioning and answering service

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Enabling the users to deposit monetary assets at will to keep the liquidity flow continuous

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Allows swift and convenient withdrawal with efficient account updates.

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Maintaining active trade with features to enable buying/selling

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API Integration

API Integrated Platform to maintain proper synchronization within different elements

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Currency Trading

Allowing the users to take full advantage of the platform by giving them the currency trading platform.

More Forex Exchange Features

  • Incurs lesser cost than building from scratch
  • Incurs lesser cost than creating from scratch
  • Customizable to a great extent
  • Personalizable to a great length
  • Provides Liquidity through order routing
  • Offers Liquidity through order routing
  • Secure
  • Safe
  • Can be used as white label product

Forex Exchange Software Security

HashCash AI Conversational Tools
HTTP Authentication

Secure HTTP Authentication like the OAuth

HashCash AI Recommendation Engines
Jail Login

Prevention of numerous failed attempts to login for a definite amount of time

HashCash AI Expert Classification Systems
Data Encryption

Credentials protected through encryption of data and other information

HashCash AI Solution Image, Video & Text Analytics
Cross Site Forgery Protection

State changing requests and other actions which are unwanted are blocked through it

HashCash AI Solution Image, Speech & Face Recognition
Anti-Denial of Service (DDOS)

Large requests to the server protection

HashCash AI Solution Sales Intelligence
Anti-Distributed Denail of Service

Exchange protection from high traffic from different sources

Why Choose HashCash Consultants for Forex Exchange Software Development

HashCash Data Analytics Data Volume
Expert Team

Experts from the exchange development, blockchain and software products development team will deliver the best

HashCash Access and Utilization of Data
On Time Delivery

Timely project delivery to our clients is our USP

HashCash Data Analytics Availability of Resources

Protection against potential hacks from the likes of DB encryption and 3-point architecture

HashCash Data Analytics Regulatory & Compliance Issues
App Facility

The final software solution is available on iOS, Android and Web

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