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HashCash Consultants Launches Billbitcoins as a White Label Product

20th June, 2018

BillBitcoins, a HashCash product, is a global bitcoin payment service provider from HashCash. BillBitcoins has launched a white label product service for global clients who would like to offer payment services to their merchants.

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Investment Evolution Coin Ltd, Along with HashCash Consultants, Launches Investment Evolution Coin (IEC) on PayBito Cryptocurrency Platform

13th June, 2018

Investment Evolution Coin Ltd announces their very own Investment Evolution Coin (IEC) in partnership with HashCash. The Coin is currently trading globally via PayBito Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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PayBito Joins Coinbase, Bitfinex and Kraken in Being the First Few Exchanges to Roll Out SegWit

12th June, 2018

California based Blockchain company, HashCash Consultants which operates the crypto exchange, PayBito, has rolled out SegWit. The implementation was completed in March this year. The announcement to the media was made today.

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HashCash native token HCX now open for purchase

10th March, 2018

HashCash, a blockchain remittance network operator working with some of the worlds the largest banks, currency exchanges and payment networks to facilitate cross-border payments on its blockchain network, HC NET has announced starting today – March 10th, users can send bitcoins from their wallets to the Paybito app and purchase HCX after going through KYC/AML checks required by their respective jurisdictions.

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HashCash HCX: HC NET Blockchain For Digital Asset Payments?

February, 2018

The use of blockchain technology has caught many people’s attention. Having been a society run by banks and the government, especially in financial aspects, with little to no control, the creation of blockchains has changed the way we view the exchange of transactions. With blockchain technology, exchange of transactions are decentralized, which implies the entire network is operated on a user-base and not by some authoritative figure.

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HashCash asset HCX opens for purchase on March 1st

13th February, 2018

HCX, the native digital asset on HC NET, available only for institutional purchase earlier, is now open to individuals. HC NET is used by banks, currency exchanges and regulators for cross-border payments. The HashCash blockchain network HC NET enables enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time using blockchain technology. The network uses the native digital asset HCX to conduct transactions quickly and securely. Every operation on the network consumes a small amount of HCX.

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The Collaborators – And Rivals – Of Blockchain

17th January, 2018

With the blockchain industry expected to exceed a $7.6 billion valuation by 2022, it’s no wonder companies large and small, old and new are scrambling to land their piece of the pie. As is often the case in today’s financial services market, industry players are in a delicate dance of collaboration and competition – and blockchain is no exception.

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‘C’ Is For Crypto-currency

16 January, 2018

What are cryptocurrencies and how have they become so valuable?
When it first hit the e-waves on 3 January 2009, no significant value was attached to it. Interest was merely tertiary. It was barely used to trade or transfer value. Merchants did not understand this new exchange mechanism. Governments, too, were unconcerned about the implications on the economy. Fiat money was in their control.

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Is President Nicolas Maduro going for an ICO to spur the Venezuelan economy?

7th December, 2017

Venezuela’s decision to go for a digital currency backed by oil-assets is a ripple that may well build into a tsunami in the coming months – a tsunami that will change the global financial order, as we know it.

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International Organization for Standardization Meets in Tokyo to Establish Global Blockchain Standards

17th November, 2017

Blockchain Technology is disrupting the world of finance as we know it today - and with it, a host of other industries such as healthcare and supply chain. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has formed a new committee to establish global standards for Blockchain and expedite the adoption of this technology.

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Chinese Central Bank bans ICOs, joins global regulators in warning investors of potential risk

13th September, 2017

On September 4, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), China’s Central Bank, issued a statement in which it labelled token sales, via Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), as “illegal and disruptive to economic…

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Bitcoin rolls out Segwit for faster transaction settlement

13th September, 2017

Creating a stir in online Bitcoin communities, the SegWit upgrade was finally launched last Thursday via Block 481,824. While remaining compatible with earlier software versions, SegWit rearranges how data is stored, boosts capacity, and removes transaction malleability.

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HashCash Lines Up 18 Multinational Banks and Currency Exchanges on HC Remit

SEPTEMBER 07, 2017

HC Remit, the blockchain remittance product from HashCash Consultants, offers a diverse range of global remittance corridors to Banks and Currency exchanges.

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Experts Weigh In On Cryptocurrency Markets Achieving Record Market Cap

31st Aug,2017

Investment in cryptocurrencies increased to record high this week, with the market capital of all 800+ publicly traded cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets crossing $160 billion for the first time ever on August 28. This marks a 1,500% rise from the start of the year.

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HashCash Redefines Global Trade Finance with HC TRADE built on Ethereum Blockchain

August 22, 2017

HC Trade Finance eradicates fraud, allows real-time sharing of validated documents and automates business processes by clever implementation of the smart contract capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain platform.

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HashCash Reinvents Global Remittances with HC Remit

9th Aug,2017

HC Remit is a blockchain remittance product that supports the remittance models in use today. Be it the Pre-funding model, Nostro-Vostro Model, Netting or Correspondent banking model, the product can handle it, but with the advantage of lower cost and higher efficiency…

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Prominent Blockchain expert Raj Chowdhury quits ICICI Bank, the leading private bank of India, joins HashCash Consultants

4th Aug,2017

The brain behind ICICI Bank’s blockchain success, Raj Chowdhury has joined HashCash Consultants as Managing Director. Raj led ICICI Bank to be the first in the country to execute Trade Finance and Remittance using blockchain technology in 2016…

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Hashcash Consultants Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, biggest blockchain consortium in the world

18th July, 2017

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) announced today that 34 organizations have joined the blockchain industry group since late May. This brings total membership to over 150 organizations added since the group’s launch in February of this year…

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Diving Into Blockchain – Get Fundamentals Right

13th July, 2017

Transformational technologies have redistributed wealth time and again. If history doesn’t repeat itself, it surely rhyme with blockchain technology…

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