HC Commerce

Blockchain powered Wallet and Payment Processing platform

HC Commerce product has two major modules - HC Pay, HC Payment Processing


HashCash HC Pay

World’s first blockchain wallet for banks

  • No Middleman, Faster Payments, Lower Transaction cost, Higher Security
  • HC Pay Blockchain wallet can be used to enable peer-to-peer intra-bankpayments independent of conventional middlemen such as card associations and payment gateways.
  • HC Pay Blockchain Wallet provides instant settlements with merchants.
Blockchain commerce benefits


  • Lower settlement time and transaction cost
  • Eliminate POS terminal and other hardware cost
  • Instantly onboard new customers
  • Automatically reconcile transactions with other financial institutions
  • Micropayments
  • Secure your transactions using encryption and blockchain immutability


  • QR code enabled one click payments
  • Redeem wallet functionality
  • Customizable as per customer requirement
  • Peer-to-peer transfers
Blockchain commerce features

HC Payment Processing Platform

HashCash HC Corporate Payment

Onboard Merchants on a blockchain powered Processing Platform

  • Eliminate visa/MC fees.
  • Instant Authorization, Capture and Settlement

HC Commerce provides an alternative to incumbent card associations for acquiring customers and merchants for online and POS payment systems. Financial institutions have access to an end-to-end acquisition system with auditability, instant settlement and global connectivity which eliminates middle men completely.


HashCash Reduce
  • Save drastically on cost and time per transaction owing to a network always connected to your banking partners
  • Easy to onboard and access other banking partners onto the network
  • Merchant and Customers have access to customized apps for sending and processing payments
  • Reduce uncertainty, delay in settlement and identity fraud through blockchain auditability and immutability
  • Reduce chargebacks for your merchants


HashCash Encryption
  • Merchant can monitor daily activities through a Merchant Account Interface
  • Customer Wallet that syncs up with the payment network
  • A solid refund system to eliminate the need for chargebacks
  • Merchant can settle in multiple currencies
  • Blockchain encryption and immutability
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