HC Market Maker

Blockchain powered Forex and Digital Asset Trading platform


Blockchain Forex Bid

Banks use it to gain access to liquidity in geographies with no nostro relationships

Say, a UAE Bank wants to settle in Swiss Franc. However, it does not have relationship with a bank in that region.

It has relationship with a Euro Bank however, which settles in Swiss Franc.

The UAE bank can use rates offered by the Swedish Bank on the forex market place to settle in Swiss Franc using the market maker product.

The HC Market Maker will automatically pick up the best available forex rates for a certain currency pair.

Blockchain Forex Ask

Exchanges and Banks use it to place fiat currency and digital assets forex deals

In the example above, the Swedish bank puts out Forex deals in the HC open market place for participants to pick up.

Similarly, Currency Exchanges, Banks, Wallets and Cash out providers can use the product to extend deals and expand their markets.

HashCash HC Remit Product


  • Real-time settlement occurs in any of the below assets
  • HC network native asset - HCX
  • Fiat currencies - EURO, USD etc
  • Crypto currencies - BTC, ETH etc
  • Central bank issued cryptocurrencies


  • Open Forex marketplace
  • Access to new markets
  • Better rates when remitting to a currency the exchange does not hold
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