ICO Service Features

Multiple Addresses Prevent Hack Attempts

Listing your ICO Token

HashCash runs a global exchange, PayBitoPro, where you get the opportunity to list your ICO token through a due diligence coin listing process.

HashCash is also the largest White label cryptocurrency exchange provider and sets up exchanges for many global enterprises. In addition to listing your ICO token on PayBitoPro, you get the opportunity to list your token in 100+ exchanges that we have set up for our clients.

Funding by Multi-Currencies

Most ICOs accept funding only through Ethereum. HashCash, on the other hand, accepts multiple currencies for investment purposes. HashCash runs a global cryptocurrency exchange with a wide variety of cryptocurrency and fiat currency pairs available for trading, thereby enabling our ICO partners to avail this wide assortment of funding options. Investors can either purchase crypto-tokens by means of fiat currencies such as US dollars and Euros or they can invest using cryptocurrencies such as HCX, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and others.

Multi-Currency Funding
Custom Tokens Through Smart Contracts

Creation of customized tokens

ICOs are developed with the support of smart contracts. The creation of ICO tokens, the distribution process, the rate of exchange between tokens and fiat currencies and the dividend payouts, all are determined by smart contracts. HashCash offers flexible content for smart contracts depending upon the needs of the issuer. We aim to develop customized smart contracts that will suit the needs of the issuers.

Protection against loss of token

Trading in ICO coins requires the use of cryptographic information of the private wallet keys by the investors. The investors can lose the access to their funds if they misplace the cryptographic information of these wallet keys. HashCash offers each of his investors their very own individual accounts, unique login information and funding address. So even if they lose the private keys’ information they can still access it by these above-mentioned techniques. In addition to these methods, HashCash adds safety features via email and Google authenticator to provide extra security to each investor account.

Protection Against Token Loss
Custom ICO Landing Page Design

Customizing Design for ICO Landing Page

The webpage designers of HashCash offer well-designed ICO Landing pages which are easy to navigate and attract potential investors with its user-friendly interface. HashCash web designers and developers know the importance of having a well-designed landing page that will help you put forward your ideas to your prospective investors.

Host and Fund Administration

HashCash helps the investors in the smooth functioning of the administrative details of the token crowdsale. The ICO platform admin panel offers instant conveyance of information to the investors and users on where the funds are received from.

Hosting And Fund Administration
KYC Verification

Know-Your-Customer Verification

Regulating cryptocurrencies to prevent cybercrime is performed by several countries. To launch the ICOs, Know-Your-Customer verification procedure is done by ICO issuing companies. The ICO system by HashCash offers customized KYC verification procedure in its ICO platform. By implementing these procedures participants who are interested in trading in this platform upload authentic documents verifying their identity such as residence proof and photo ID proof.

Hack Attempts Prevented by Multiple Addresses

For hackers, the most exposed part of the ICO platform is the centralized funding address. They can easily attain the entire funds within an ICO if they can breach the centralized funding address. HashCash offers ICO platform to participants by creating their own accounts with the help of a unique address given to each funder. Hence, they can prevent fake participants from joining the ICO platform and accessing the fund pool.

Prevention of Hack Attempts

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