Open Source Development and Migration

HashCash implementation of Open Source Development and Migration Service

HashCash Consultants teams up with enterprises to reimagine their IT landscape by implementing open source development and migration service. We aim to help our partners design, adopt, and manage open source technologies in their IT space. The array of solutions and services on open source offered by us has reduced the Time To Market (TTM) by businesses up by 40% while simultaneously reducing cost by 65%.

HashCash Consultants Open Source Development and Migration Service

HashCash App Development

App Development

Use top-notch collection of Open Source products to build applications and solutions.

HashCash App Modernization

App Modernization

Mainframe offload to NoSQL with a 360° view of the customer along with application development and migration on NoSQL

HashCash Business Benefits of consultation and Advisory

Consultation and Advisory

Our team makes understanding the business benefits of Open Source software easy for enterprises.

HashCash Affordable Architecture Solutions

Affordable Architecture Solutions

We guide companies to choose the most suitable Open Source based alternatives to reduce expenses.

HashCash Automation Alternates

Automation Alternates

Our innovative automation strategies are aimed to surpass expected industry standards.

HashCash Gap Analysis and Fitment

Gap Analysis and Fitment

Open Source solutions are utilized for the continued process of operational gap analysis and remedy.

Use Cases

HashCash Benefits of Migration to Open Source

Banking client reduces 25% cost by migrating to open source

HashCash migrated applications from WAS to JBoss stack bringing the client the following benefits:
  • Cost reduction of 25% by switching to an open source alternative
  • 25%-35% savings in cost and timelines driven by automation

A reputed gaming industry saves 35% effort with application modernization

The client accrued the following benefits:
  • Actual effort savings of ~40% achieved in app migration
  • 70% projected effort savings and productivity improvement in future migrations through automation of additional business rules.
  • Standardized and rule driven migration
HashCash Benefits of Application Modernization in Gaming Industry
HashCash Benefits of Reconciliation Platform in Automobile Industry

US high tech automobile industry saves 55% costs per annum through their reconciliation platform

The process of reconciliation, and search operations was taking an unacceptably long time with high usage of system resources.
This gave the client the following benefits:
  • Overall annual operational cost for processing reduced from 300M to 160M
  • Loading of 100GB data reduced from 2 hours to 40 minutes
  • Data processing of 100GB to 30GB reduced from 4 to 2 hours

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