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Experience Dynamic Entrepreneurship at HashCash Consultants

Become a part of the dynamic journey of HashCash partners who are speculated to generate over $200 billion in net-new revenues in the next 5 years and benefit from an unparalleled entrepreneurial experience.

The partner economy opportunity of HashCash is projected to grow by 50% by 2024, and we are extending an opportunity for entrepreneurs and organizations to join us to achieve this target in unison. In addition to the global technology platform of HashCash, this opportunity of bringing in a massive revenue is created by the amalgamation of three elements - the partner's unique IP, its presence in the cloud and the intelligent enterprise that powers it.

The best intelligent enterprises focus on creating agile strategies to achieve more with fewer resources. These could be the implementation of process automation, active response to customer expectations, and designing new revenue streams and business models.

Collaborating with an array of businesses will enable the harnessing of the combined specializations of each of those and make intelligent enterprise accessible to our customers who can utilize it to achieve the outcomes they desire.

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Business-specific programs

The HashCash PartnerPro program offers four simple engagement models that are designed to enable creating, selling, servicing, and operating processes.

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Access simplified contracts, standardized and discounted program fees, a Value Points system that rewards you based on your total company contribution, and increased benefits as you progress through each level of the program.

HashCash DApps
DApps Development Platform

Mobile wallets, banking tools, and smart devices can be built with ease on the HC Network, and get uninterrupted services from the Dapps developed with Hashcash Consultants.

HashCash HC Remit
Reseller Program

Become a Channel Partner with HashCash to create connections and expand your business.

HashCash Preferred Integration partner
Preferred Integration Partner

Leverage your IT expertise to implement HashCash products at enterprises across the globe by becoming a HashCash Preferred Integration Partner

HashCash Cloud Partner
HashCash Cloud Partner

Offer HashCash solutions to customers through a private or public cloud by being an outsourcing or hosting partner. A partner may add their original intellectual property or enhance cloud solutions from HashCash with their own expertise of their industry or line-of-business.

HashCash PartnerPro Trial Run

Not ready to commit to one of our full-fledged HashCash PartnerPro engagement models listed above? You can take HashCash for a partnership test-drive simply by becoming an “open ecosystem” partner. This is an entry point to our HashCash PartnerPro program and allows you to access and explore a limited amount of enablement, product content, and program information without any risk or cost.

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Become part of a global community and build relationships, insights, tools, resources, and programs that create an amazing experience for your customers

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