HashCash’s smart e-learning solutions create an ecosystem of digitally integrated virtual classrooms and study modules that modernize and automate education.

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School playgrounds without students, university rooms without lectures, and empty campuses are what the months of COVID-19 lockdown protocol have led to, impacting the global education system. Lockdowns will gradually get lifted but will our ‘old normalcy’ be fully restored?

As the world slowly progresses towards post lockdown days, with social distancing becoming an inevitable part of living, every sector including education has to evolve and ensure full functionality in this novel scenario. It has been a while that the education sector has been pushing towards more convenient e-learning modules, remote education systems and ways to revolutionize distance learning. The pandemic has accelerated those attempts into targeted solutions to create a future-ready global education.

HashCash Consultants comes with the offering of a plethora of advanced digital solutions, that help you to create a sustainable ecosystem of learners, parents, educators, institutions, and policymakers, enhancing the overall learning experience and paving the way for a smart global education architecture.


Over the lockdown period schools, colleges and universities have adjusted to the situation resorting to virtual ways to impart knowledge and education to the learners. Even the playschools followed suit engaging the young minds into learning activities through video conferencing and likewise. Nevertheless, the use of third-party software and applications does not bear a permanent solution.

Educational institutions need a more digitally scalable and secured solution in the form of an integrated system, that would streamline the process, ensure the security of the teaching network, create strong and unhindered connectivity among educators, learners, and all the other relevant participants.

Hashcash Solutions

HashCash offers comprehensive and innovative digital solutions enabling educational institutions to scale up their operations and obtain functionality of their primary role of imparting education to the learners in a secured e-learning environment. It is a unique combination of new-age technologies and automation solutions that helps create a virtual classroom and learning module with scalability for future modifications.

Intuitive Platform for Educational Institutes

At present educational institutions at the best have a website that caters the visitor with all the information related to the courses and schedules along with contact information. Post lockdown this just won’t do, to fill up the distancing gap. HashCash offers a more intuitive and interactive platform in the form of web and mobile applications for schools, colleges, universities, and private institutes with advanced digital tools for better communication with the management.

Virtual Classrooms

Until now institutes have been using third party video conferencing applications to take classes and conduct lectures. However, such resources are only half effective due to connectivity issues, privacy concerns and not to mention incurs the high expense. HashCash offers a solution in the form of a world-in-class system integrated virtual classroom application that is solely for the respective institution to use.

Powered by advanced virtual communication tools it makes taking the class and learning interesting, more engaging, and interactive. Being protected by augmented security solutions there is no reason for the educator, the learner or the management to be concerned about privacy issues. Enhanced connectivity throughout the system ensures zero disruptions in the e-learning experience.

Automated Assignment Module

Textbooks, assignments, and homework are getting replaced by automated digital exercises that the students can attempt and submit online. The same virtual platform will allow educators to mark and assess the assignments and sent the result via email. Every student will have their unique identification and log-in code to use for taking classes, doing the assignments, and other activities.

Online Exams

Many universities and schools all around the world are shifting to online examination modules. HashCash offers customized solutions in virtual examination and assessment applications ensuring data security and transparency. We create high-end applications through the implementation of the authentication process, encryption of data, audit of log-in, IP monitoring, and advanced automation solutions.

HashCash creates a complete virtual education ecosystem including all aspects that makes for the successful management of an educational institution. Since all operations get integrated into a single point virtual platform it significantly reduces the cost of the management as well as streamlines the entire education process, with scope to implement advanced learning modules in the future.

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