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The healthcare industry is at the epicenter of the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Battling at the frontline, hospitals, diagnostic labs, pharma, and medical professionals have been the world’s first line of defense against the virus. Nevertheless, COVID-19 has exposed some of the major flaws within the healthcare system, especially when it comes to the mitigating crisis of the pandemic variety.

As social distancing becomes the ‘new normal’ for the world, strategies need to be built, digital transformation needs to be accelerated to create an integrated system that automates and streamlines the legacy healthcare with virtual collaboration tools.

HashCash solutions and services abide by the healthcare compliances and augment care-giving standards through the establishment of a robust, collaborative, agile, and scalable digital infrastructure.


Being the command centers in any pandemic or a medical emergency, hospitals fall outside the periphery of lockdowns and social distancing protocols. Neither can doctors and nurses socially distance themselves from the patients nor can the patients abstain from getting the necessary medical. But is there a way that can limit the physical interactions between hospitals and patients?

Hashcash Solutions

Going online and making use of all virtual options in hand is the best and the only way to minimize human interaction. The aim is not to eliminate human resource from the system, but to create a robust infrastructure that offers the best patient care while upholding social distancing.

Virtual Appointment

A user-friendly and highly intuitive application integrated with the hospital system will allow the patients to book online appointments and even get consultation virtually. It will allow the patients to list symptoms and basic medical history assessing which the appointment will be made with the right doctor. Through the implementation of advanced digital and automation models, HashCash aids you with such a scalable app for healthcare facilities.

Virtual Consultation

Virtual consultations through chat or video will suffice the need of the patient to visit a hospital unless it is an admission emergency. Once the appointment is made the integrated system alerts both the doctor and patient about the time slot. Post consultation the patient receives a digital prescription and a log of the consultation.

Risk Assessment

Presently it is the novel coronavirus, in future it might be something else, or even in case of medical emergencies there remains a need for risk assessment. HashCash allows the same through AI implementation via web and mobile applications. In case of any medical situation, the app allows the patient to enter specific details programmed into the system, which gets analyzed by the AI and ML algorithm to assess the risk factor and follow-up with necessary steps.

HashCash helps hospitals to create a bond of trust with the patients by upholding the highest privacy standards with advanced security protocols integrated into the overall system so that the patients feel safe both physically and virtually.

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The pandemic has impacted and brought change into the model of physician practice and the way the diagnostic labs ran pre-COVID, which is likely to continue for the days to come. Several clinics have shut down and laboratories work with minimum staff in an environment where the patients are too scared to visit the doctors and get necessary tests done. So, what does the future hold?

Hashcash Solutions

Physicians can run their virtual clinics for patient consultation. The diagnostic labs are looking for more self-test options through the implementation of advanced technology integration.

Virtual Clinics

A system integrated application allows patients to book online appointments and get preferable slots for consultation through video. Minor follow-ups can be done through chat options within the app. The consultation fees get paid online through a payment processor attached to the application as soon as the appointment is booked.

Apart from building an entirely digital system that enables all the above HashCash ensures patient data remains private and secured through the implementation of advanced security protocols.

Self-help Diagnostics

While it is true that tests require and on hands approach, however, there are ways even there to minimize human interaction. An application allows the patient to register all the tests that need to be done, along with online payment and confirmation. Patients get time slots for tests through the app to avoid crowding. Although the tests will need expert supervision, the dispersal of results can be done through the app.

The entire physical structure of clinics and diagnostic labs needs remodeling to accommodate the present and future medical requirements, keeping social distancing in mind. HashCash becomes your partner in this transition by helping you revamping the virtual infrastructure with automated solutions.

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Pharmacies might have been exempted from lockdowns, but people are still reluctant to take the risk of going out to purchase medication. Why not offer them a virtual solution through an ecommerce platform?

Hashcash Solutions

HashCash helps pharmacies to create its ecommerce platform that enables online ordering and delivery through digitized and automated solutions.

Online Pharmacies

Powered by advanced digital technology, your pharma app enables patients to register their prescriptions and place an order for medicines. The integration of a payment processor makes for seamless payment in a few simple steps.

Custom Medicine Delivery App

HashCash allows even the local mom-and-pop medical stores tun run their online order and delivery system, by building a scalable system at a reduced cost.

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