Business After the Covid-19 Pandemic

Most of the world leaders had got it wrong! Most visionaries and corporate leaders did not see it either. Everyone had underestimated the effects of COVID and we still continue to do so.

COVID-19 may last for 2-3 years, but its effect on transformation will last for decades to come!

It will change our lives forever. But how exactly!


The office is dead. In a lockdown it is illegal to open them. So companies are realizing they don’t need an office.

They don't need to pay a million dollars in rent when all their employees can work from home.

HashCash for example, has announced that all employees do not need to come to an office until 2021.


Many jobs can be done remotely. You just need the internet. So when COVID-19 hit, millions of people drove out of New York back to their homes to be with their family.

They realized that they do not need to pay $2,000 a month for a small apartment just to live in a big city.


People realize that they don’t like the traffic, the noise and the pollution. They can work next to the very exciting nature. So, in the future, millions of people will immigrate from cities to farms, to beaches, to small towns. And that means New York city, New Delhi and every other major city will not be the same after COVID-19.

For one, they will have a lot less traffic.


This is the most exciting part.

If you don’t need to be in the office,then a company can hire you wherever you are in the world!

This means, if you are a genius living in the Philippines, or Iceland or Angola, HashCash or another company will hire you right from your bedroom. You just need to have Talent!

You don’t need a US Visa, you don’t need to immigrate, you don’t need to relocate, you don’t need to go to the office.

In fact, since the beginning of COVID-19, HashCash has hired talented employees in all its locations without ever meeting them in person. It was all done online.

Why is This the Best Time to Drive Transformation

COVID-19 will be around for decades to come. The virus will disappear, but its effects will be around for a long time.

Once we realize that our jobs can be done remotely, we will not want to be stuck in traffic, paying $2,000 dollars for a small apartment just to get to an office.

COVID-19 is a global tragedy, but it is a historic one. And it will change our lives, our jobs, our offices, our businesses and our countries forever.

This means that this is the time for leaders to drive the much needed transformations.

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