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The real estate industry thrives on realtor-client interaction and open houses that break all the rules of social distancing. Throughout the lockdown period realty closures globally have taken a nose-dive. Realtors have been complaining that the usual process has become cumbersome due to pandemic regulations, pushing many to close operations temporarily and others to conduct business painstakingly. But for how long?

Pandemic or post-pandemic, people will not stop investing in property, hence it is the industry that has to adapt and adopt. As lockdowns get lifted, industry insiders need to come up with sustainable solutions so that realty can cope with this ‘new COVID normalcy’ and make the whole experience seamless for both realtors and the clients. The key here is to leverage technology to abide by the norms and make closures simultaneously.

HashCash gives real estate businesses the required technological support, empowering them with advanced digital solutions in the form of an integrated system driven by automation and cutting-edge virtual experiences.


Change becomes inevitable when, traditional systems fail to produce desired results when confronted with dire situations. While the world has been on the digitization mode for a while now, the advent of COVID has just accelerated the trial and adoption process. Realtors and clients are pushed to adopt remote solutions to strike property deals for sustenance in a pandemic ridden world and prepare for the post-pandemic by solidifying those modifications as the ‘way of conducting business within the real estate industry.

Realtors have refrained from crowded open houses and multiple tag-along house tours with clients to keep up with social distancing norms. Clients are demanding secured avenues that will allow them to buy and sell property safely and the industry needs to boost the plummeting realty closure numbers.

Hashcash Solutions

Well-strategized technology implementations are crucial for the sustenance of real estate. HashCash offers scalable digital alternatives that aid both the realtors and the clients to have a seamless property buying and selling experience.

Online Portals

HashCash aids real estate companies by building them high-end, intuitive, and user-friendly portals to enhance engagements with the clients. The online portals come equipped with virtual property tours, provision for video conferencing through secured channels and advanced chatbots to answer all the property related queries.

Virtual Property Tours

The popularity of virtual property tours was on a gradual rise even before COVID hit us, and now it is close to becoming the inevitable part of the realty business. The industry is still far-off from resuming open houses and home tours, so the sustainable alternative is a virtual house tour.

HashCash enables the realtor to conduct real-time virtual tour experience, offering a 360-degree view with the help of CCTVs and advanced imaging devices for the clients through a highly secured platform. It allows buyers to continue their search for a house or apartment from the convenience of indoors. The platform connects the realtor with the client, while the realtor undertakes a virtual walkthrough of the property.

No-Realtor Property Tours

A robust and intuitive mobile application that gives key-card access to a property allowing the client to conduct a tour without the realtor. The mobile application acts like a digital key-card giving access to different parts of the property for one to check.

Each property visitor is provided with time slots and unique identification code that unlocks the main entrance. The realtor remains online to give a guided tour throughout the property. HashCash helps real estate companies to create smart homes through advanced automation devices and scalable applications that allow seamless physical property tour while abiding by the social distancing protocol.

Businesses need to evolve by leveraging the latest technologies available to them for unhindered growth and long-term survival. The pandemic has pushed the population towards an accelerated modernization, ushering a new era of digital evolution across sectors. Partner with HashCash to lead the change in the world of realty.

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