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The lockdown protocol to thwart COVID-19 has pushed businesses big and small within the retail industry to close doors, delivering a staggering blow to the livelihood of millions. It has equally brought a significant change in consumer behavior, which is likely to stay post-lockdown as well. Retailers have been resuming business, as governments loosen the stringency of lockdown, keeping social distancing and other safety precautions in place. However, are things the same as they used to be?

Convincing the consumers and ensuring their safety are the biggest challenges faced by retailers in this COVID world, which is impacting the fundamental aspects of doing business. The only way to survive and thrive is to bring a digital change to the retail model and boost it with scalable ecommerce and automation solutions.

HashCash offers advanced technology solutions giving run-of-the-mill retail stores a complete digital makeover to cope with the post-COVID normalcy. Scale-up your business, as experts provide you with high-end automated infrastructure to support all operations.


While dealing with the ‘now’, retailers, globally have to think and prepare for the ‘next’ and the ‘beyond’ of not only respective businesses but the industry at large. As the consumer behavior lingers in the ‘essentials’ aisle with dwindling trust due to safety concerns, the priority at the moment regain that trust and cater to the needs in the most efficient way possible without disturbing social distancing.

For those stores, both big and small will have to ramp up their sales and marketing strategies, and bring significant technological improvements to their operation and switch to scalable automation ecommerce solutions.

Hashcash Solutions

The aim is to offer the consumers with a low touch shopping experience and not to make physical stores disappear into oblivion. It’s a unique blend of online-offline customer service that will be a key factor for retail success in the days to come.

HashCash offers strategized innovative solutions to respective retailers fortifying their in-store operations with the implementation of cutting-edge technology, giving equal relevance to the online presence of the business. Enjoy the best of both worlds and ensure steady sales with technology veterans.

IoT for Instore Management

Reformation of in-store management with IoT devices to automate procedures and streamline all operations, ensuring minimum human touch. Integrated solutions for faster customer service and optimal product placement. An intuitive mobile application suffices for cashier-less stores, enabling financial transactions through e-wallets.

Chatbots for Customer Care Desk

Instead of a customer care desk, in-app chatbots provides real-time assistance to the shoppers answering their queries and feeding them with information related to product availability, special offers, store policies, etc.

All-Inclusive Ecommerce Solutions

Along with the physical presence it has become essential for all retailers to have a digital presence so that people can purchase the products without while indoors. HashCash boosts the online side of your business by building you an engaging and user-friendly ecommerce platform with advanced tools that make shopping and customer management a seamless operation.

Predictive Analytics for Ecommerce

Consumer behavior is changing and you need to keep tabs to cater to all the needs. HashCash solutions cover predictive analytics by analyzing customer data for inventory and supply chain management. It is key to the digital transformation of the retail business.

Complete Digital Marketing Solutions

In times of social distancing people have completely shifted to digital socializing and its time that the retailers put this behavior to good use. HashCash offers end-to-end advanced digital marketing solutions including SEO, content marketing, social media promotions and all other essential facets to enhance your online visibility.

With consumers changing their retail behavior the operational structure needs a reformation to fulfill the present and future needs of the target audience. HashCash becomes your partner in that reformation aiding you with high-end and cutting-edge technological solutions to improve business and consumer experience.

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