The dawn of a new era in sales & marketing with digitization & advanced virtual communication replacing the traditional ways. Innovate post-COVID business solutions with HashCash.

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No face to face meeting with clients, or arranging luncheons and dinners for sales benefits. It’s been months since, COVID-19 put an end to all traditional marketing means and client communication. With domestic and international flights on hold, and globally initiated lockdowns all marketing and sales activities shifted to virtual platforms overnight. From normal sales pitch to the closure of billion-dollar deals, everything was happening over the phone or video conferencing.

With COVID-19 still actively present among us, the lockdown practices will likely continue post-lockdown as well. The sales and marketing domain is gradually making a virtual shift, with major industries finding it safer to continue business while maintaining social distancing, ensuring the safety of both client and the employee.

All sectors are evolving to meet the novel needs of a changed consumer mindset and to cope up with the ‘new normal’. A 360-degree digital integration of your sales and marketing needs is what HashCash Consultants can help you with. Our team of industry experts builds and deploy scalable applications that enable seamless and safe business operations.


Online sales and marketing are the new formulae for success in the post-COVID world. This means well for companies as from henceforth deals will be finalized based on competency rather than client management. The advent of digitization in the sales and marketing domain enhances both credibility and transparency of the process.

With more stress on online marketing and sales, brands are getting better avenues to reach out to a broader audience which comes with the promise of long-term business growth for small and big companies alike. Virtual sales pitches are gaining impetus over traditional methods which is paving the way for all-round digital transformation for companies and their basic operation.

Hashcash Solutions

HashCash comes with a plethora of digital solutions that streamline the task for marketers and sales executives. Integrated services encapsulate business operations in a single point scalable platform that makes working seamless even with minimum human interaction and physical sales initiatives. It’s the modern way of doing business and promoting services in the time of social distancing.

Collaborative Applications

Digitization of entire processes and enabling all operations to happen online without any interference demands for highly scalable virtual communications applications so that a professional can reach out to the client or consumer, without any disruption. HashCash offers customized solutions to business organizations to integrate traditional processes with automated services.

Digitized Customer Support

Augmented customer support applications bolstered by the latest virtual tools allow real-time monitoring of customer behavior and respond to the issues across multiple channels. All customer engagement with the online sales executives gets synthesized and automatically transferred across departments so that the services can be improved. Everything happens through automation reducing time and cost both.

Brand Reputation Management

Cutting-edge customized listening tools and social listening dashboards helps businesses to scan the digital landscape of the brand, taking digital marketing to the next level. An intuitive system provides feedback on recommendations and insights on the brand including extensive analysis of areas of risk and opportunities.

Broadening of Target Audience

Creating a bridge between the consumers/clients and the company through advanced digital applications. HashCash offers a comprehensive package of marketing-automation implementation, content strategy, production management and more to create an ecosystem allowing brands and partners to so-market jointly attracting a broad spectrum of the target audience.

Remote Team Optimization

The days of door-to-door sales are passed, and companies need to strengthen their remote sales avenues to conduct the same processes maintaining social distancing. This a better way of executing sales targets, as it saves time, money, and increases overall personnel productivity.

HashCash comes with the offering of new and more flexible collaborative sales and marketing tools that ensures business continuity even in the most disruptive times.

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