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HashCash solutions for the virtual transformation of the hospitality industry. Make your business COVID-proof with integrated digital solutions ensuring customer safety

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Hotels with empty lobbies, restaurants with empty chairs, but for how long? COVID-19 has dealt a crippling blow to the hospitality industry, but the business must go on. The world is coming to terms with an aggressive virus and social distancing becoming a part of regular lives and businesses need to adapt to this new reality as well.

HashCash offers virtual collaboration tools and services that uphold hospitality standards while maintaining social distancing protocol. Turn the table against virus disruptions and adapt to a pandemic world with our digital solutions for unhindered and smarter service. It’s time to reimagine.


Governments might loosen their lockdown protocols, but social distancing is here to stay. Above all hotels need to gain the trust of the customers, who are still in a panic due to the virus and ensure safety. It means no flocking in the lobby, no key-cards, and extensive sanitizing protocols.

Hashcash Solutions

Technology makes everything possible, even running a hotel business, with minimum human interaction. HashCash helps you in creating a low-touch experience for your guests with integrated digital solutions.

Online Booking Confirmation & Payment:

We create a seamless and user-friendly application that enables easy booking, confirmation, and payment.

Pre-Arrival Registration:

Your guests will inform their arrival through a mobile app giving your staff the time to clean and make the room accommodation-ready. It also eliminates the need for crowding in the lobby.

Mobile Check-in & Check-out:

It is time to say goodbye to the plastic key-cards. One in all app confirms the booking and stay by generating a check-in code for the guests. The use of smart automation and key code generation opens the doors without any need for touch. Once the stay validity ends the notification goes to the guest and automatic check-out gets initiated as the occupant leaves. The hotel system gets notified for post-checkout cleaning to take place.

Virtual Concierge:

Meal and other essentials needed by the guest get notified via app to the concierge desk which gets delivered to the room ensuring contact-less options.

HashCash helps businesses by building robust automation applications for an integrated hotel system that is highly secured to ensure seamless operations while upholding the health and safety standards for the guests.

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Restaurants have closed down their dining operations with most businesses catering to the customers through delivery apps. In future social distancing will force businesses to reduce the number of tables. The solution to keeping business afloat is going wide online.

Hashcash Solutions

Why depend on third-party apps when you can get your online order and delivery at a reasonable cost? HashCash keeps you connected with your customers with scalable applications.

Online Order & Payment:

Scalable mobile applications allow customers to order and pay for the food online in a few easy steps. An integrated system alerts the restaurant of incoming orders and allows the customer to track the progress of the food preparation.

Custom Food Delivery App:

Eliminate dependency on third-party delivery services and reduce operational cost and ensure improved, timely service with custom food delivery app created by industry veterans.

HashCash ushers a new era in food ecommerce with its offering of scalable and highly integrated digital applications. From building custom applications and deployment to software maintenance we offer an all-inclusive service.

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