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  • Improve Performance & Productivity with RPA
  • Integrate RPA simply with remarkable automation techniques

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  • Delivery of 100+ projects providing end-to-end integrated solutions and application support.
  • Dedicated industry practice area with large team of domain and technology experts
  • Strategic partners with leading world class product companies to provide quickly implementable innovative IT solutions. Our partners are positioned in the “leaders” quadrant in the prestigious Gartner Magic Quadrant
  • Efficient management of projects with hybrid delivery models and proficient methodologies like Agile
  • Specialized competency in Digital technologies, Blockchain, BI & Analytics, mobility, UI/UX enabling organizational transformation to achieve competitive advantage
  • Proprietary frameworks to enable quicker implementation adding value to the business

HashCash RPA services

RPA Strategy Consulting & Assessment
RPA Adoption, Implementation and Licensing Services
RPA Proof of Concept
RPA Design and Development
RPA Training and Support services

Use Cases

HashCash Big Data Reduce Cost


It has been proved that by implementing RPA into back-end operations, manufacturing units have saved up to 40% of the total expenses.

  • Precise Auditing
  • Negligible BOM errors
  • Quick Data Migration Process
  • Web Integrated RPA
  • Quick Order Processing
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Payroll and HR Efficiencies
  • Automation in Logistics Data
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HashCash Big Data Reduce Cost


Medical establishments (hospitals, diagnostic centers or clinics) can use RPA to handle patient records, claims, account management, billing, customer support, reporting and analytics.

  • Updated Patient data
  • Advanced Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) Management / Content Management
  • Pharmacy Stock Management
  • Analyze EHR and Critical Healthcare Data
  • Reports Automation
  • Reconcile System With RPA
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Reduced Compliance Risk
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HashCash Big Data Reduce Cost

Supply Chain

In supply chain industry, RPA can be used for procurement, automated order processing and payments, checking inventory levels and real-time tracking of shipments through the entire value chain.

HashCash Big Data Reduce Cost

Human resources

RPA plays an important role in automating day-to-day HR tasks, updating employee information, employee onboarding and offboarding, and timesheet submission processes.

HashCash Big Data Reduce Cost

Customer service

RPA can assist in offering better customer service by automating manual tasks in the contact centers, including verifying e-signatures, downloading or uploading scanned documents and authenticating information for automatic approvals or rejections.

HashCash Big Data Reduce Cost

Financial Services

RPA is greatly useful in the financial services industry as it can be used for automating account openings and closings and foreign exchange payments. It is also used for processing insurance claims and managing audit requests.

Our Partners

We are proudly partnered with the top players in the RPA field

Automation Anywhere

HashCash in collaboration with Automation Anywhere is offering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services to clients worldwide with built-in cognitive and analytics capabilities.

In this partnership, HashCash offers:

  • End-to-End support, for Adoption, Implementation & Licensing of Automation Anywhere’s RPA offerings
  • Create an RPA Centre of Excellence(CoE), to enable quick adoption & deployment
  • RPA training, development & consulting with the help of Automation Anywhere
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HashCash is an authorized partner for UI Path in North America, India, Bangladesh, ME and Africa. HashCash has partnered with UI Path to provide our customers end-to-end support in adopting user-friendly RPA tools to automate their Business processes.

As a certified implementation partner, we help our customers leverage UIPath tools to transform their manual, labor-intensive, repetitive processes to fully automated processes.

HashCash leverages UIPath platform to deliver business process automation across industries including financial services, banking, manufacturing, and healthcare.

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Blue Prism

HashCash is an authorized partner of Blue Prism offering a full array of RPA implementation services. Our team is well-equipped to handle any business automation challenges in collaboration with Blue Prism.

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