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Innovation with SAP

We are a SAP Gold Partner and at the very heart of SAP innovation! Today, our special relationship with SAP enables you to quickly escalate business issues and drive customer centric improvements. This unique combination makes a big difference to the very outcome of your projects.

We have surprises in store for you

We conducted the largest SAP Business Suite on HANA migration in the world. In addition to this, we were the pioneers in offering customers SAP HANA across all 3 major service providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Being experts in the field of SAP, we don’t just implement technology. We integrate your business strategy, business intelligence, and supporting back office systems to give a competitive edge to your business. In terms of results, we can guarantee you quick results, risk mitigation and lower your total cost of owning the business.

We are pioneers of the automated enterprise! We use SAP technology to automate the simple manual tasks which would give you the freedom to focus on the end results part of your business.

SAP Solutions


An intelligent ERP platform which allows the enterprise to capture every moment of today’s digital world! SAP S/4HANA removes obstacles which are prevalent in the existing legacy ERP applications. The common problems of legacy ERP applications are batch latency, complex landscapes and manually driven processes.

How SAP overcomes the problems of batch latency, complex landscapes and manually driven processes

There are a set of clear benefits when it comes to usage of SAP S/4HANA

With SAP S/4HANA, 1 min transaction time reduced to 1 second

Improved/Enhanced Performance: It’s in memory computing database offers unmatched transactional speeds which prevents disruptions which are otherwise present in legacy ERP systems. Now, transactions can be processed within seconds instead of the minutes which it took previously.

Streamlined software: SAP’s existing complexity nature has been significantly reduced with S/4 HANA. This is an attempt to make the software control more centralized which ensures maximum utilization of resources.

Agile Applications: The current market conditions make things very challenging for businesses. Today, customers seek a quick response from their brands! To cope up with the dynamic market conditions, software needs to be agile. When simply put in practice, Agile applications use the latest innovations in the world of Information Technology to offer businesses a very refined and easier to use platform.


SAP Leonardo is a smart integration of intelligent technologies, services and industry expertise which helps in optimizing a business process, and drive sustainable innovation in a particular area of business.

Drive innovation with key data insights

Data is constantly changing the way in which we are leading our professional and personally lives. SAP Leonardo has the special capability to help you analyze your data in an instant. This helps business decision makers to take key decisions based on insights, create newer business opportunities and negotiate business challenges.

Leverage intelligent technologies

Use a mix of intelligent technologies – like machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain – on an open cloud platform. Transform processes and business models to deliver the outcomes you need.


This platform helps you process and support innovations with a single trusted source combined with the value of Agility. In terms of simplicity, the BW/4HANA reduces the number of Data Objects. This results in elimination of redundancies, increases consistency and results in a smaller footprint.

Modern Interface – reduces dependence on error prone data flows

Modern Interface – customers can build their own HANA models

Modern Interface – will improve for the administrators

The BW/4HANA allows you to process all data from your SAP applications, or third party solutions. This includes unstructured, geo spatial or Hadoop based data.

Cloud and on premise deployment

Simplified modelling and administration

Integration with SAP and non

SAP applications

Intuitive user experience

Steps of SAP Implementation

There are five phases to our software implementation projects, and these phases can and probably will overlap. Typical projects are based on a 10-to-12 week implementation

Step 01

Project Preparation

HashCash will provide a high level consultant and project management specialist to assist with managing the Project Plan and to coordinate with your nominated internal resource. During the project kickoff meeting, we’ll engage everyone who will be involved with the project to approve and commit to the timeline.

Step 02

Business Analysis

Deliver a document that will assist in mapping how the software will work with your business processes, first gather user and process requirements. Consider asking users how they prefer to work, and keep those preferences in mind when you’re documenting business process requirements. You’ll work with HashCash to create a document that includes business scenarios, business processes, and process steps. Review the blueprint with your project team to ensure that it is accurate and comprehensive.

Step 03

Project Realization

During this phase we set up the entire system for rollout. Using a core central document, our internal teams will configure the systems and customize it to help meet your requirements. This is the time where the plan to go live and support is given the final shape.

Step 04

Final Preparation

During the final preparation phase, software training is conducted for the employees. They have the liberty to attend in person training sessions. Some can also opt for online training which would be a more or less virtual aspect. Live training or recorded training modules can be decided upon by your employees who are opting for the software training.

Step 05

Go-Live and Support

Once your solution is up and running, you can measure its performance output by taking a performance output report validated by proper professionals. Measure the efficiency which it has brought about in your business and maintain a log book of all the errors encountered during the live phase.

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