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The purchase and sale of stocks, bonds and commodities is not restricted to a single venue any more! Technology has transformed the entire landscape of share trading and has made things easy for the share traders and brokers. The software has made the share traders more efficient. One needs to be agile to become a smart share trader and Stock Exchange Software simply transforms novices into experts. The entire program has simplified the lives of the brokers. It acts like a one stop source for purchase, sale and informational updates on the market.

With the assistance of smart software, stock traders can get hold of different markets like NSE, BSE or any other global stock market with ease. It has also strengthened the market for the service providers in share trading. A number of agencies and companies are assisting people with trading with chargeable consultancy services. Exchange software allows them to trade without any external assistance. This aspect makes Stock Exchange Software Development a valuable proposition in terms of value addition. As a service provider, you can excel with the help of these software and provide quintessential service.

HashCash Stock Software

Stock Exchange Software Features

The ultimate objective is to offer features and functionality which enables seamless trading. With our software platform, one can deliver a service which would be viable for trading and help your business expand gradually.

HashCash AI Recommendation Engines

Enabling the users to deposit monetary assets at will to keep the liquidity flow continuous

HashCash AI Expert Classification Systems

Allow swift and convenient withdrawal with efficient account update

HashCash AI Solution Image, Video & Text Analytics

Maintaining active trade with features to enable buying/selling

HashCash AI Conversational Tools
Stop Loss

Making the traders ready to set their specified price in market to prevent market losses!

HashCash AI Solution Image, Speech & Face Recognition

Maintaining the past records to help traders make important strategies and recall events or news

HashCash AI Solution Sales Intelligence

In order to ensure the proper usage of the software, KYC regulations are followed and are mandatory

HashCash AI Solution Sales Intelligence

Ledgers help trders in maintaining their own record more efficiently and more effectively

HashCash AI Solution Sales Intelligence

Helps users to maintain their holdings and give them access to their assets properly

Other Features and functions of Our Trading Software:

Live stock prices and streaming quotes

Live trading reports,

State of the art charting and analysis, to market watch, price alerts

Provide a portal for multiple exchanges BSE and NSE, MCX, Currency, Mutual Funds, etc.

Multiple charting options and analysis, fundamental and technical, tools

Multiple market trackers on a single screen

Advanced filtering, letting you combine all the technical and fundamental criteria for better results

Customization for multiple items. One should also be able to make and save the customizations, unlike websites where you have to edit indicators every time

End of the day charting

Different Exchanges

Multiple Graph Studies

User-defined alert settings

Different calculators

Easily accessibility to reports

Enter your own formulas, which means you can filter out stocks easily, based on your own criteria

Make your own calculations based on the stock tradings

Why Choose Us


This trading software has a global access to stock markets and liquidity solutions which makes it an obvious choice as software


This stock market software offers all kinds of customizations to the users


The device is very flexible in terms of its compatibility with desktops and other handheld devices


Real time trading alerts are enabled by this software which helps the end user considerably


The software is very easy to operate and understand for all levels of stock market expertise


The software is centered around a highly advanced software interface which is very easy to find, research and plan trades accordingly.

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