Use Case Identification

HashCash uses the SCRYPT model to partner with your organization and design blockchain Use Cases with tangible business benefits. Our experienced team of consultants believes in looking at your pain areas and recommending solutions that deliver significant benefits in terms of cost efficiency, data security, reduction in turn-around-time, digitization and transparency.



Map your existing business processes and IT infrastructure in our areas of expertise to identify opportunities where we can add value.



We work with your Internal teams to identify your organizational goals and pain points so that our Use Cases can be designed to address the same.



Post collaborating with your teams, we reimagine your existing business processes to meet your expectations from us. To do so, we leverage the benefits of blockchain.



Hashcash believes in designing Use Cases that are meaningful to your business and add value that you can measure. We constantly capture your feedback on our designs and strive to update the final Case with your inputs.



Once the Use Case is defined, we work with your internal team to carry out a Proof-of-Concept test. This is to provide you confidence in the Use Case.



Post successful POC implementation, a project plan is conceived to take the Use Case to production.

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