Launch your utility coin offering


Set up your Blockchain Network

  • Set up your own blockchain chain network similar to HC NET
  • HC NET is trusted by Global Banks, exchanges, Fintech, Corporate houses and Global Merchants
  • Visit Live HC NET performance indicators (Ledger close time, Network Transaction Fee, Transactions per second)
  • Visit HC NET Live Network Dashboard

Build Your Own Digital Asset

  • We assist in creating utility or asset backed coins/tokens
  • The asset performance and supply distribution of your coin/token will be displayed in your website through live data from your network
  • Visit Asset Performance of our digital asset HCX
  • We will create a blockchain explorer for your network
HashCash Paybito Dashboard

List Your Digital Asset

  • List your digital asset in our multicurrency exchange, PayBito, operating globally
  • PayBito is a highly secure multi-signature, SegWit enabled trading platform for digital assets
  • We assist you in listing your digital asset on other major digital asset exchanges
  • We advice you on Compliance, Regulatory and legal aspects
  • Visit our Cryptocurrency Exchange

Access to Enterprises on HC NET through Interoperability

  • Your network will be interoperable with HC NET
  • HC NET has global banks, currency exchanges, corporate houses, Fintech, Payment Network and Global Merchants as partners
  • You can get access to partners of HashCash with the interoperability of your network with HC NET
  • HC NET is also interoperable with other networks using the ILP (Inter Ledger Protocol)

HC line of products

Use HC line of products to make your blockchain network useful to your enterprise and your digital asset meaningful to the traders

  • HC Remit

    • It has the feature of live tracking of transactions with all parties using the Remittance Dashboard
    • Monitoring of funds and NOSTRO accounts through real time tracking can be done
    • Cross currency Remittance is possible
    • New banks can be easily on boarded to the network
  • HC Corporate Payment

    • Real-time document sharing, instant reconciliation and automation through smart contracts.
    • Simplify IT infrastructure and lower operation cost
    • HC Corporate Payment provides you a platform for faster, secure and transparent B2B Payments . It digitizes the end-to-end trade process and unites all involved parties on a single network to drastically cut down processing time
  • HC Market Maker

    • Banks can use this product to gain access to liquidity in geographies with no nostro relationships
    • Exchanges and Banks use it to place fiat currency and digital assets forex deals
  • HC Commerce

    • Merchant can monitor daily activities through a Merchant Account Interface
    • Customer Wallet that syncs up with the payment network
    • A solid refund system to eliminate the need for chargebacks
    • Merchant can settle in multiple currencies
    • Blockchain encryption and immutability

Example Use Cases

HashCash IEC partnership
Investment Evolution Coin Ltd. (IEC Ltd.)

IEC Ltd is a Singapore public company with its own cryptocurrency, Investment Evolution Coin (“IEC”) that currently trades on the global PayBito exchange.

Read the News here

Hashcash Energify World partnership
Energify World

Energify World is a US based utility company in solar and renewable energy space. The company is working with HashCash to launch a utility token.

Read the News here

Hashcash diamond consortium
A Global diamond supply chain consortium

HashCash has worked with a diamond supply chain consortium to create the digital asset, set up of digital network and add the digital assets in multicurrency exchanges.

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