White Label Real Estate Exchange

HashCash helps you create a decentralized marketplace for tokenized real estate shares by leveraging the scalable infrastructure of Blockchain-backed white label real estate exchange

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White label real estate exchange helps you create a decentralized marketplace for properties, on a tried and tested architecture, relieving you of the stress of building one from scratch. HashCash is a leading crypto exchange development firm that also offers white label solutions to businesses. Our team specializes in creating scalable and agile solutions, that can be customized as per your requirements. HashCash has initiated several projects globally helping clients and partners to raise hundreds of millions in funds. Our team comprises of industry veterans with keen business sense and skilled developers with years of experience, bringing competitive advantage to your white label real estate exchangeproject.

White Label Real Estate Exchange Platform

Features of White Label Real Estate Exchange

  • Advanced Analytical Tools

    Analytical tools that allow you to run a simulation of the investment impact by analyzing the risk/return profile of the portfolio.

  • Portfolio Breakdown

    A complete analysis of the investment and property data for a better understanding of investors guiding them to make appropriate investments.

  • Communication with Investors

    Use of advanced automation tools to communicate with all the investors, sending information such as financial updates through secured data transmission and interactive dashboar

  • Managing the Deal Flow

    Gather the information concerning alternative asset classes on existing and prospective investors with complete mobile access to dashboards.

  • Enhanced Transparency

    Creating a platform for global real estate repository and ensure enhanced transparency in all the processes.

  • Storage Security

    The majority of the users’ funds are preserved in the cold storage that is further fortified by the multi-signature technology.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Two-factor verification is a mandated protocol that is applicable when making changes in account settings or during withdrawals.

Use Cases Example

HashCash Big Data Reduce Cost

Financing from Real Estate

Companies trying to raise capital for a venture can tokenize shares of the office building that they own by creating a property marketplace out of white label real estate exchange to trade the tokens with investors. Funds get raised while new investment opportunities are initiated in real estate through tokenized fractional ownership, allowing companies to reduce transactional cost and create a substantial investor pool.

HashCash Big Data Reduce Cost

Art-Based Token Exchange

Art dealers can benefit from white label decentralized marketplace as well. The liquidity of art pieces can be increased by tokenizing the usual indivisible assets. An art dealer by setting up an art-based token exchange can create a fixed number of tokens making equal shares of the work. Selling tokenized art in low-cost small increments lets the dealer find more buyers from a pool of investors.

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